Happiness Is…

I found this over at JavaJunkee’s site and thought it was awesome.

Here are the rules which I found over at Little Miss Firefly’s

Simply write a post in your blog titled Happiness is…, list in bullet form what happiness means to you using you basic senses. BUT, it must be happiness felt without your sense of sight.

So here is my attempt at Happiness is…

  • The sound of the ocean crashing onto the shore
  • The smell of bacon & eggs while you are still in bed
  • The sound of my daughters singing along to the radio
  • The sound of coins dropping into a Piggy Bank
  • The feeling of a child tugging at your shirt
  • The taste of warm brownies that your kids made
  • The feeling of being hit with water from a water gun

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  1. All of yours sound all warm and fuzzy. I love it.

  2. Of course they are all warm and fuzzy, silly willy!
    Happiness is not cold and hard, unless of course it’s a frozen popsicle! 🙂

  3. hee hee oh wait till this one is all over..I’m gonna have my own something something is…where we can tell what ticks us of or something.
    hhhhmm popscicles..remember the root beer flavored ones they were my favorite !

  4. We have some popsicles that are called Root Beer Floats. They have vanilla ice cream in the middle! I love those!

  5. I second them all! Cute Poem!


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