Question Of The Week

Question of the week: What are your three favorite board games?


We are board game junkies at my house! My top three favorites are:

  1. Scrabble
  2. Monopoly
  3. Yahtzee
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  1. Let’s see:

    1. Scattergories
    2. Scrabble
    3. Pictionary

    Let’s play. I am ready to go! *)*

  2. Let’s see, husband says scrabble I like cranium and yahtzee. I’d like to try new games.

  3. Monopoly

    I hate only picking three. It’s hard.

    • No, not Risk! My dad used to love that game. We would have wars that would go on for days! I have thrown many Risk game boards across the room in frustration! 🙂

  4. I like the old style games.
    My top 3 would have to be;
    Snakes & Ladders
    Chinese Checkers

  5. Oh I forgot Backgammon but that’s four, am I in trouble for breaking the rules???

  6. Trivial Pursuit

    Sarah bought a mess of board games before we moved but they are still at the old house. Now that we actually have a kitchen table we are going to start having a game night. As long as I don’t have to play Candyland I’ll be happy. I despised having to play thet game with the kids when they were little. I was so happy when they graduated to Monopoly.

  7. Oh goodness hard to pick just 3! Hmmm

    Battle of the Sexes (I win he loses)

  8. lisa

     /  February 25, 2009

    I know it’s not really a board game but close…


    also my son is getting me interested in chess.

  9. I love Trivial Pursuit too. It’s okay Tony, we break all the rules all the time. It’s just the way we are!!!!

  10. I like Sorry, Scattergories, and Battleship

    My son always whoops me in Sorry. I think I may have beat him only once or twice.

  11. btw..that lisa up there is me javajunkee…I was in lisa mode when I commented and forgot to log in
    😦 my bad!

  12. the boy tortures me with chess playing..but I’m finally almost sort of getting the hang out of it so that it takes him like 20 minutes to whip my ass than the usual 5 minutes to own me!

  13. I used to love Monopoly but the kids used to fight over the money so much that one day after many warnings I chucked it in the fire.


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