Happy Birthday Barbie!

Happy 50th Birthday Barbie!

Where have the years gone, Barbie is 50 years old!

Barbie has had her fair share of problems over the years, that is for sure!

But, no matter what, Barbie always seems to find a job!



 Not too mention all the sports she has played!



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  1. I don’t care what anyone says, I love Barbie. I really do. Of course you had to pick the cheerleader outfits for the Cowboys didn’t you???!!!!! LMAO!

    I enjoyed this a lot.

    • Hey, we finally got rid of TO so now we can really cheer!

      • Yes you did but why did he have to go to Buffalo?? I was born there and they are in my heart!!! Now they have T.O.?!? YUCK!

  2. Since Joy admitted to it I will too, I loved my Barbie Dolls as well.

  3. No matter what she wears or what she is doing…that girl is always styling!!! Barbie… Happy Birthday!! This is a great honor to you!!! *(* You have brought many smiles to little childrens faces over the years!!! Good job…keep it going!

  4. ROFLMAO!! I really like the first ones!

    hey did you hear they are taking the tattoo barbie back off the shelf. Not even kidding..they tried it a couple years ago and now it’s not going over any better. I don’t get it. Barbie has always looked like a big boobed bimbo but give her a tat and she’s taboo!

  5. It almost makes me want to be blond. Oh barbie 50 years, time sure fly’s when your having fun.


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