A Day At The Zoo

Last Wednesday we went to the Houston Zoo. Apparently the rest of the City of Houston decided to do the same thing! We spent 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot but after that it was smooth sailing. My daughters had a great day! They did not even fight with each other, which made my day great!

IMG_0423 by you.

I loved the color of this bird!

Mama and Baby Giraffe

I love the giraffes!

Komodo Dragon

My husband and my girls want a pet lizard now! I told them it’s either me or a lizard. I’ll let you know where I’m moving to! ūüôā

Baby Elephant


Sleeping Grizzly Bear

I sure wasn’t going to wake him up!

Black Bear


Texas Longhorn

Only at a Texas Zoo!

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  1. I’m so glad you had a good time. These pictures are wonderful. I love the color of that bird too. Gorgeous.

    When you move, will you keep up with your blogging?? LOL!!!

  2. A day at the zoo is always fin and never boring!! The pictures say it all! Just wondering what animal the kids liked the best? ūüôā

    • My youngest liked the Sea Lion and my oldest liked the Leopard. The hubby of course like the Komodo Dragon!

  3. I love the zoo ūüė¶ makes me want the one close to us to be open


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