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Question of the week: What do you do for Easter? Do you color Easter Eggs? Do you make Easter baskets? Do you have an Easter Egg hunt?




We color Easter Eggs every year and I make baskets for the kids. I always put a stuffed animal in their basket and some kind of religious item. We also do an Easter Egg hunt every year when we get the entire family together.

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  1. Nothing, Zero, Zilch….

  2. We do all of the above. I just love Easter and go way out when we have it. When the kids were little, I went nuts. We found candy for months hidden in the house. They each had their own baskets from year to year but a lot of candy and treats were hidden and it was a treasure hunt.

    Now that the boys have grown, we have to share holidays. Last year we didn’t have it here but this year we get to and I can’t wait. One year we had a pinata but things got a little out of control so I’m thinking we’ll skip that this year but I do plan on a big hunt outside.

    PS…..I love to dye eggs and would probably do that if I sat here alone. It’s so fun.

  3. easter egging doesn’t count does it? 😉

  4. The last couple of years my kids and my nephews have an egg hunt in our garden, each child has different coloured eggs and they have to cooperate as nobody is allowed to have any chocolate until they have all been found.

    This year we will be out of town visiting my parents so we will have to think of something else.


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