Old Time Rock And Roll

Bruce Springsteen Concert - Houston, TX 4-8-09

Bruce Springsteen Concert - Houston, TX 4-8-09


Last week I was lucky enough to go see Bruce Springsteen in concert! Let me tell you the guy is just plain awesome as is the rest of his band. They played 25 songs in 2 hours and 40 minutes!

Remember when you were a kid and all you heard was “You’re not old enough!”? Well, I realized the other night that sometimes you are just getting too old for certain things and going to concerts is one of them!

You might be getting too old to go to concerts if:

  • You spend more time in the bathroom instead of the beer line.
  • You hear a young person comment on how he remembers hearing this song on the Classic Rock station.
  • The person sitting next to you takes out his hearing aids.
  • You see a guy leaving the concert by an Ambulance Stretcher, not a Stretch Limo!
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  1. I can definitely sympathize. That’s about how I felt at Rush concert with my teenage son last summer

    • Ah, the Snakes and Arrows tour! That was an awesome show! We took my then 15 year old daughter to that concert! She loved it and so did we.

  2. WOW How fun Rock and Roll. I haven’t been to a concert in years I’m sure I’m not as carefree as I use to be. Sounds like fun tho.

  3. More time in the bathroom than the beer line, LOL! Good for you going to see his concert! That’s fantastic! I love me some Bruce 🙂

  4. But….You were BORN IN THE USA!!!! It had to be a blast!!!!!

  5. It sucks to get old doesn’t it?? LOL!!! I’m so glad you had a good time. I thought of you all night long. The hearing aid thing really cracked me up. I could see my husband doing that.

  6. Just to note: All of the above things happened!

    I was laughing my ass off when the paramedics came running by us with this older gentleman on a stretcher. He had tubes up his nose and they were asking him questions. I almost died when they asked him, “Sir, do you know what concert you came here to see?”

  7. I would love to see Bruce. 🙂

    I saw a greeting card once that went sort of like this: One day while driving in your car, you reach over and turn the volume on the rock station DOWN, and it hits you; you are officially old. LOL.

  8. ok…were you up that high? Cuz that picture kind of made me woozy. I can’t be up that high and looking down.

    • Yeah we had the cheap seats up high! Well if $50 is cheap! We were right on the ledge looking down. It actually wasn’t that bad and the veiw was great, better than the cell phone took pictures of!

  9. yeah it would be that climb up that would get me. That’s about how far we were up to see Fleetwood Mac and it took me awhile to get my sea legs to even be able to stand up.
    I hate heights 😦 I’m so glad you had a great time !!!


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