Video Of The Week

Winston Cigarettes


The Flintstones

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  1. Haven’t times changed?? Smoking used to be so “okay” to do. Now they make us feel like criminals.

    • I know what you mean Joy! I used to actually feel guilty if I pulled up to my kids school while I was smoking a cigarette, even if they were not in the car with me!

      I’m just trying to figure out who is going to pay for healthcare when all the smokers stop smoking!

  2. WOW, I do not remember Fred and Barney smoking….This was a strange one for me! They looked so relaxed and happy! When did they quit????

    • I do remember when they smoked and so did Wilma and Betty. I’m not sure when it stopped.

  3. Good they did stop though, bless their little animated lungs.

    Always thought Betty was a hot little number when I was a kid, too bad she was married….


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