A Chance Of Scattered T-Storms

This was an actual conversation I had yesterday with my 16 year old daughter while we were watching the news:

16 year old Daughter:Mom, what’s a T-Storm?”
Me: “You’re kidding right?”
16 year old Daughter: “No, seriously what is a T-Storm?”
9 year old Daughter (who is laughing): “It’s a storm that comes after the S-Storm!”
16 year old Daughter: “You’re not funny!”
Me (now laughing): “I’m sorry, but that was funny!” 

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  1. Your younger daughter has you down to a “T”…..sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. Wow That’s a lot of T storms in you forecast. High in the 90’s Ewww.

    • That’s just a picture I found, thank goodness! We do have bad weather for the next 2 days but we are only up to 80 degrees!

  3. I disagree with your daughter, YOU ARE FUNNY!!!
    Is that like a storm in a T-cup

  4. Will there be any herbal t available??? LOL


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