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Javajunkee egged me on to write the post The Day After Easter to see what kind of search terms I could get. As of this morning I have had 20 hits to this post. Here is how that compares to some of my other posts:

Title Views  
Where In The World…Ruidoso 578
6 Word Meme 226
About Me 151
Where In The World…Mesa Verde National 114
My Stupid Songs 87
Question Of The Week 83
What To Do When You Don’t Like The New B 82
Beef Barley Mushroom Soup 76
Question Of The Week 64
Where In The World…Palo Duro Canyon 61
Where In The World…Kennesaw Mountain N 59
Where In The World…The Balinese Room 54
Happy Birthday Barbie! 53
Where In The World…San Antonio 50

As for search terms, here is what people used to find me in the past 7 days:

Search Views
palo duro canyon 12
baseball 7
shark pool 7
new mexico mountains 6
ruidoso new mexico 5
ruidoso nm 5
playdate rules 3
easter eggs 3
kennesaw mountain park 3
barbie 50th birthday funny 3
palo duro canyon state park 3
easter egg 2
paloduro canyon 2
snap +rice krispies 2
the masters 2
palo-duro canyon 2
funny golf happy birthday 2
love baseball 2
easter eggs clipart 1
stupid barbie 1
kennesaw mountain 1
poprice 1
pictures of easter eggs 1
stupid made up songs 1
snow in new mexico 1
funny just wondering 1
sweet 16 never been kissed 1
rice krispies humor 1
easter egg basket clipart 1
barbie da mc donalds 1
songs with life in them 1
kid finds out there is no santa claus 1
“i kissed a” “i liked it” lol 1
nh video canterbury shaker village 1
ruidoso, new mexico photos 1
happy bday gansta 1
riiudoso 1
funny barbie 50years old 1
snap crackle pop 1
funny plays about teenage life 1
song i kissed a squirrel 1
barbie gangster 1
new mexico snow 1
snap rice krispies 1
how to pop rice 1
children’s barbie glasses 1
scattered t storms 1
mountain snow 1
storm purple glasses 1
new mexico snow mountains 1


Here are some of the top used search terms in the past year:

Search Views
the godfather 806
ruidoso nm 86
ruidoso new mexico 86
godfather 78
ruidoso, nm 72
santa claus tombstone 57
shark pool 55
shark in pool 54
new mexico mountains 45
easter 42
easter eggs 40
ruidoso 34
mesa verde 30
santa clause tombstone 29
easter egg 28
board games 24
palo duro canyon 23
god father 22
mountain snow 18
godfather 3 18
beef barley mushroom soup 18
funny question of the week 17
mesa verde national park 17
the god father 16
ruidoso, new mexico 16
basil chicken recipe 15
the godfather 3 15
kennesaw mountain 15
“the godfather” 15
funny tombstones 14
funny tombstone 14
mesa verde cliff dwellings 14
brothers and sisters 13
music notes 12
ribbon fish 12
thumper 11
basil chicken 10
the goodfather 10
baseball 10
mystic seaport 10
funny homework responses 10
cajun baked catfish 10
snow in new mexico 10
shark in a pool 9
funny farewells 9
the good father 9
palo duro canyon state park 8
scampi 8
pictures of ruidoso new mexico 8
new mexico snow 8


It looks like the most popular posts were the ones I did on different places. Hmm, maybe I will have to start doing that again!

I hope that having all this useless information about my site will somehow make you sleep better at night! If nothing else it will bore you to sleep!

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  1. Nap time. lol actually it is interesting to see the break down. It’s nice that word press does that. Interesting food for thought. Barely soup sounds good I’ll have to look up that recipe.

  2. I find it amazing what people will read when they get around to blogging! Thanks for sharing your info!

  3. LOL I can see that I’m going to use the godfather for every post I write 🙂

    that was fun wasn’t it 🙂

  4. Honestly, I have been having a terrible time getting to sleep. I am going to read this post one more time than go to bed. Wish me luck! 😉

    I love to check to see which posts get the most hits.

  5. It really amazes me what people search for. I haven’t searched for anything for a really long time. When I do go look at mine I just can’t believe it. WordPress does do a good job of breaking it down for us. I had a good laugh looking through these.


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