You Guys Wanna Bet?

This weekend we watched the Kentucky Derby. While we were watching the hours upon hours of coverage before the race, my youngest daughter asked, “Are we betting on this?” I looked at her in shock, it is not everyday you hear a 9 year old asking to bet! But then, like any good parent would do, I said, “Sure, why not?” She won a dollar off of me.

When we watch IRL races we each pick 3 drivers for $1 and whoever has the least amount of points at the end of the race wins. We also bet on the Superbowl every year. You can also find my two kids at the bingo tent every year when our church has their Bazaar!

The kids know that they will probably lose their money. Up until this past year my youngest daughter never wanted to bet with us because she hated losing her money. But, at last, we have corrupted her as well as the oldest daughter.

We went down to Galveston on Sunday to play miniature golf. They have an awesome course on the Seawall there. The first words out of my youngest daughter’s mouth was, “You guys wanna bet?”


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  1. I am so glad I didn’t bet on the derby…there is no way I would have ever bet on that horse! What a great race!

    LOL kids are too funny aren’t they!

  2. I’m assuming your little one would get into this thing sooner or later. It’s all harmless fun and we used to do stuff like this all the time. Hell, we still do. I think it’s great and a good thing to make things a little more fun.

    I love the photo you used. Isn’t that the truth???

  3. I meant to say: I’m assuming YOU KNEW your little one…sorry

  4. That was a good horse race. I love it when the under dog wins. And so silly hours of talking about the horses they think will win. That does look like a fun place to play miniature golf. I actually think winning is the problem because seems when some people win they go nuts. We have casinos here in Montana. I’m not a real big fan of gaming because seems like the people that can least afford it our the ones that play.

  5. That’s funny!! We do some betting aroun my house as well. We are all big fans of the show “Survivor” and we have a “Survivor Pool” every season. We print out all the names of the Survivors and draw their names out of a hat. We all put in 5 bucks and whoever draws the winning Survivor wins the pot. It makes watching the show just that much more fun!! Every week somone get’s voted off on the show and voted off in our house. LOL

    A family that gambles together, STAYS together I always say. LOL


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