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Question of the week: If you had the choice of going camping or staying in a hotel which would you choose?


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I would probably choose camping. If I had to plan a family trip I would much rather be outside rather than having to be couped up in a hotel room. I grew up camping. We started out in a tent and then we moved up into the big leagues when my parents bought a Winnebago Mini Winnie. We take my girls camping at least once a year but we usually rent a cabin. Now I am not talking hotel cabin, I am talking 4 walls, a set of bunk beds and an A/C unit that works if you are lucky!

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  1. Well, my kids were in the boy scouts, so we did lots of camping!
    I got tired of it, so we bought an RV to take!
    Much easier “finding” things in an RV!
    I would also like the hotel room!
    Camping is fun for hanging out, but I am finished sleeping in tents!

  2. I’m with Lusia. I love the “idea” of camping but it’s such hard work. I used to think when the kids were grown it would be fun since when they’re little, it’s so MUCH WORK but now I’m to old to sleep on the ground. I love cooking outside and being outside but I need to sleep on a bed and I need to be able to go to the bathroom and take a shower. I love RV’s and love it that way.

  3. Well….My First honest thought was Hotel. I do like to travel and stay in a Hotel . But with that said I also enjoy camping as well and am looking forward to it this Summer. I wish we had a little pull tailor with a little kitchen how fun would that be. A small cabin for the family that sounds really fun too.I think those are the things that make wonderful memories!

  4. Hands down CAMPING!! My boys and I spend more time in our camper camping then we do in our house during camping season which will be starting for us in the next few weeks. 😀

  5. camping long as I can get close to a CLEAN bathroom. Not a portapotty or hole in the ground. I want a CLEAN bathroom/house and not more than a few feet away from my popup 🙂

  6. I’d definitely want to spend time outdoors and go camping for the first time. However, I’m a nervous nelly- and as long as there were no bears or mountain lions- count me in! Otherwise, I’d stay at a hotel 🙂

  7. I don’t mind camping, if I have a cabin. 🙂 I have found tenting is not for me. I love being in the woods and “back to nature”, but I hate the whole tent aspect of it. I like a bed (even a simple one will do), and I don’t mind walking to the showers and the bathrooms. I don’t even need electricity, but I’ll take it if it’s there.

    I like hotels too. Especially really nice ones, with really big beds and whirlpool tubs. Yes. 😀

  8. Tosha

     /  May 22, 2009

    That would totally depend.. I can handle the great outdoors with out the kids.. With teh kids just give me a hotel so that they can plug all electronic things in and be happy!


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