The Things We Have To Teach Our Kids!

Last week my oldest daughter and I attended her FFA banquet at school. We had a great dinner and they had a silent auction as well. I saw this BBQ set and I just couldn’t resist. I paid $10 for this set because I thought it was just too cute:

The great part is the picnic table is the perfect size for my youngest daughter’s Barbie dolls! I told her she can play with it until I want to use it.

After the banquet, I ended up taking one of my oldest daughter’s friends home. They both stole some helium filled balloons from the banquet. They were so proud that they didn’t get caught!  I asked them, “Have you guys ever sucked helium?” and they both started cracking up. My daughter said, “That just did not sound right at all!”

Well, I am so proud of myself! I taught two high school girls how to suck helium! They thought it was hilarious! They both started singing Follow the Yellow Brick Road and it was so funny!

When we got to the other girl’s house I told, “Now, do not go in and tell your mother I taught you how to suck helium! You can blame it on my daughter if you want just don’t blame it on me!”

My job as a mother is done!

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  1. Such a cute BBQ set! I Love it! The little piggies are adorable too! Just in time for Summer how fun!

  2. I would have bought that cute set, also! I love that you showed the girls how fun it is to talk with helium in you! I love playing around, too! Chicken….blaming it on your daughter! LOL ROFL 🙂

  3. Mine & Dixie’s blogs are transferred back to WordPress now as all my bloggy friends are here

  4. I love the little corn piggies and I also love to suck helium. Somebody has to teach the kids stuff like that.

  5. love the bbq set.

    there were 4 of us who worked at the same restaurant growing up. Every friday night after work we would load up in one car and head to the pizza joint that was open to buy helium balloons. We would take turns driving into drive throughs and other places..suck the helium and then talk. It was a blast. Or back before caller id it was fun to do and then call random people on the phone.

    …see what the kids of today are missing when we don’t teach them!! 🙂

  6. Oh man, leave it to you to not only teach them but then blame your daughter!!! Oh god, I just love you. You are hilarious. It is fun talking like that. I can hardly stand how funny this is.

    I also LOVE that set. It is really, really cute.

  7. We have a BBQ set very similar to that! Ours is a gas grill instead of a picnic table. I like your picnic table better. 😀

    I think you should have let your daughter’s friend tell her parents who really taught her how to suck helium. If they have not taught her how to do it themselves by high school age then they really left you no choice. That is something we ALL NEED to know in our lifetime! 😀

  8. Money well spent. That set is awesome. Lets hope they don’t tell on you for the helium.


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