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Jack in the Box


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  1. I think I need one of those shakes this week!

  2. LOL….I just can’t WAIT until my wife goes through the “change”. ROFLMAO!!

    • I feel sorry for my husband sometimes. He has to put up with me and my oldest daughter PMSing at the same time and by the time my youngest starts to PMS I will probably be going through Menopause! Poor guy!

  3. Oh if you could see the smile on my face right now! That is so funny!

  4. THANKS! HILARIOUS! I LOVE IT! Got a BIG smile out of me!

  5. Oh my…this is hilarious!!! I love her ladylike qualities and chopping the head off that rose!! LMAO!!! Another great find JAM.

  6. I went to Youtube & watched a whole heap of JITB ads. Have you seen the no fries one with the dog in the pickup truck.
    What do women drink at that time of the month???
    am Coffee & pm Tea

    • I love the Jack ads they are just too funny!

      Oh by the way welcome back! Stay away from the delete button!

  7. LOL. Very funny. My wife already acts like she is going through it and she is in her twenties, I’M IN BIG TROUBLE!


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