A Bug A Day…

Today I learned… You should never ride you bicycle with your mouth open. Nature’s Drive-Thru is open 24 hours a day and bugs do not taste good on the go!

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  1. Ewwww! Not my idea of a tasty snack.

  2. OH Yuck! I’ll have to remember these words of Wisdom, keep my mouth shut and ride! funny right after I typed that I looked up and out the window someone was riding their bike, what timing.

  3. Y-U-M-M-Y!!!!! That really is pretty gross but maybe you got your protein for the day.

  4. Once again you have managed me to smile! This is hilarious! I love the look! Start a new fashion in CA? It has been done out here…I am sure! LOL Have a great weekend! Hope your daughter is better!

  5. Ewww… Love the pic though, LOL!

  6. Awww, he’s got a grill full- that’s rough 😉

  7. MMMMM, tasty. You know bugs are a delacasy in many places. Maybe he just was trying to expand his horizons.

  8. Ha Ha love the term Nature’s Drive-Thru. Not too good when they go up your nose either, I cycle to work most days & learnt this lesson long ago too


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