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Beach Blanket Bingo

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  1. Things were so much simpler , yet so much fun…back in the day!
    This was fun to watch! Thanks for the smile!
    The fisherman caught something unexpected!

  2. I used to love these movies. I was so happy if one happened to be on while I was babysitting. I’d forgotten that Paul Lynde was the bad guy on there. It was great to see it. I’d also forgotten about Linda Evans. Awesome!! I’m going check some of these out. It might be fun to watch one some day. I wonder if it will be fun to watch now. Have you ever watched something you used to love and now find it very dumb?? I hate when that happens. Sometimes maybe it’s better to leave the memory alone. The clips though are wonderful to see.

    You always find ones I love JAM. Thanks.

  3. Thanks! That made me smile in fact I’m sitting here still smiling. So much fun, lots of shaky butts too. Funny dancing.

  4. I used to love watching these movies when they came on. Even at my age they were just “dreamy!” 🙂

  5. This was so much fun to watch. Did you notice after taking off her skydiving helmet, Anette Funicello’s hair didn’t even lose shape! I used to enjoy these. I didn’t know Linda Evans sang. I used to watch her in Big Valley (I think that’s the name of the show) and of course Dynasty.

    @Joy: One example of my enjoying a program back in the day but not currently is the Underwater World of Jacques Cousteau. My daughter had a science report on him so I was all excited and borrowed his videos from the library. I loved his stuff when I was a kid and I still have great respect for his work. But the production standards were so different then. With shows like Crocodile Hunter and other stuff on Animal Planet, Cousteau was a little hard for the kids to watch sadly.

  6. LOL. I love this. I love the classics and the retro video. When I was young I always thought I was born at the wrong time. Things looked so much better then.

  7. i have these beach movies on dvd and love them..they are so freakin’ corny!


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