A Week Of Milestones

This week has proven to be a week filled with milestones here at my house. I think the big man upstairs is trying to let me know that I am getting older! Not old mind you, just older.

My youngest daughter, who is almost 10, got out of school last week. This week she went to her first Pool Party. There were no boys, but it was still a major deal. She was worried about how she would look in her new swimsuit and if her friends would like it. I told her that she had nothing to worry about and that nobody would actually even notice what her swimsuit looked like. I was right, as all moms are! They ate, swam and just had a blast.

My youngest daughter also got her first bra this week. She was sooo embarrassed as we walked around the store with it in the cart. I was sworn to secrecy about the whole “Bra thing.” I was not allowed to tell her father or her sister. She couldn’t hold it in and she told her sister about. I had to laugh because my oldest daughter said, “Ah, you are growing up!” Dad is still in the dark.

My oldest daughter received her High School Letter Jacket this week. She was awarded the jacket for being in choir and the FFA. She of course had to wear the jacket to school the day after she got it. It didn’t seem to bother her that it was 70 degrees at 6:30 in the morning and she was wearing a jacket! I told her that now she looked like a real High School student.

I also reached a milestone. I have realized that I have two daughters who are growing up right before my eyes and that there is nothing I can do to stop it. Since there is nothing I can do to stop that I am going to sit back and enjoy them as much as possible.

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  1. “I am going to sit back and enjoy them as much as possible.”

    Words of wisdom~~~
    They grow up SO fast, it is amazing!
    You got it right…enjoy!

  2. They definitely grow up too fast but for me it has been wonderful watching my daughter turn into such a wonderful woman. My son is still working on things.

    Hearing about your daughters growing up brings back such good memories.

  3. Way to go JAM. These are very nice milestones. I can still see my oldest son wearing his letterman’s jacket in the middle of summer!! Then in winter, he wouldn’t wear one at all!!

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. You’ll have a great summer.

  4. Tosha

     /  June 5, 2009

    My oldest is almost 10 and has suddenly become very aware of how her body looks. Everything is a huge deal. She is also starting to need a bra but hates wearing them so its a huge battle. I think I’ll have my mom take her bra shopping to find her one she might actually like as she doesnt want to go with me..LOL…

    Congrats to your oldest for getting her jacket! my son wore a jacket to school everyday for the last 2 weeks of school even though it was reaching 90..

  5. Congrats on the milestones. My girls are 11 and 13 so some of those milestones are still fresh in my mind. It really does go by fast. I’m glad you’re making a conscious effort to enjoy it.

  6. Such a nice post, they do grow up fast right before your eyes. Nice to have a moment to step back and see that. Enjoy your wonderful children sounds to me like you are.;+)

  7. Wonderful post. With an (almost) 11 year old and a 13 year old, I see some of those milestones too. I hope you all have a wonderful summer.


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