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Slip N Slide

Summer Toys

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  1. Hey! I had a slip and slide, cool! 🙂 I also had friction burns, LOL.

  2. I remember these! I loved them! It was a quick and easy way to cool off in the hot, summer sun!

  3. I actually remember this commercial!!! How funny. My boys had more fun on their dang slip and slide that I can say. They played on it for hours at a time. Do they still make them? They are probably “to dangerous” now!

    Get a load of those bathing suits!!!

    • Joy ~ They still make them and I know this because we own one! I have been known to show the kids the how to do it, I have to make sure they don’t get hurt! 🙂

  4. Nice blast into the past. We had a slip in slide I just a saw a deluxe version of a slip in slide in the store the other day. It had a plastic blow up slide that came with it. We had lots of fun with our slip and slide, throwing our little bodies onto the ground sliding down the yellow plastic. Good times good times.

  5. argh I want to be a kid again! I miss that stuff


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