Gnome Sweet Gnome

Our Gnome

We have a Gnome!

At last, my home has a Gnome! I have been on the Great Gnome search for years now. I would of had one sooner but I am just plain cheap! I found our newest family member for just $3 at our local Hobby Lobby. I guess you could say he is my little clearance Gnome!

My youngest daughter has embraced our little Gnome with open arms. She keeps looking outside at night to see if he comes alive or not! We even went to our local library and checked out a book all about Gnomes. Gnomes are very interesting! If you have time or are just plain bored check out these Gnome Facts.

My oldest daughter on the other hand, is very disturbed about this whole Gnome thing. She ranks Gnomes right up there with clowns! This has only given me more fuel to throw onto the fire! Like I need anymore fuel to throw at her! Every time we walk past the Gnome outside I sing “I ain’t got Gnomebody!” or I say “Ah, Gnome Sweet Gnome!” She does not find my humor very funny but it makes me laugh!

We placed our newest little family member out in our pathetic little flower bed in our backyard. After a day of trying to find him a name my youngest daughter and I, no one else will play along with our little game, have decided to call him Weeder Gnome. I have great hopes that by naming him Weeder he will be nice and weed my poor little flower bed for me! I’ll let you know if he lives up to his name or not!

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  1. This is so funny. I was on a gnome hunt last summer. Finally a friend gave me one for my birthday last year. I love him. He’s on my porch rail outside my bedroom window so I can see him. His name is Harry. I find your humor hilarious. My daughter doesn’t always think I am so funny either but the wasband does. He and I can get quite hysterical. Enjoy Weeder.

  2. “My oldest daughter on the other hand, is very disturbed about this whole Gnome thing. She ranks Gnomes right up there with clowns!” I can so relate to this. I kind of think they are creepy but I like them in other people’s yards. I also love your humor. I was just hysterical reading this. My dogs gave me funny looks!!!

  3. Weeder Aaww how cute what an adorable gnome. I think he looks great there. Funny how if you wait long enough for what you want it will eventually come around even Gnomes. He looks nice in the garden livens it up hopefully he will keep the weeds at bay.

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