Mother Vs. Teen Daughter

In school I learned all about conflict, you know, Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Society, Man vs. Himself. What I didn’t learn about in school was the most important conflict of all: Mother vs. Teen Daughter!

My oldest daughter and I have reached a point where we can walk into the same room and look at each other and just want to kill each other! I am not sure if it is a clash of raging hormones or just a stage in life that is normal.

Last week I was told:

  • “Your rules suck!”  My reply: “Well then don’t inhale!”
  • “When I have kids I am going to let them do whatever they want!” My reply: “Well don’t count on me baby sitting for ya!”
  • “I never have any money to do anything!” My reply: “I have just one little word for you JOB!”

The thing I hate the most that she does lately is when you tell her something she always has to say something back! Example: I say “Put the dishes away.” to which she replies “Why do you have to run the dishwasher every single day?!”

My new policy is: “Unless I ask you a question do not make a comment when I tell you something!”

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  1. This is great! I love it! It will get worse, and then way better. At least in did in my house! I have two boys. They are both bigger and taller than me, but they run when they know I am MAD! Stick to your guns! It is very hard at times, but STAY WITH YOUR BELIEFS! Some days I am just drained, but I smile and conquer! Good Luck! My brother has a girl. She is 19 now. She is still going strong!!!!!! Sorry for the bad news!!!!!! 😦

  2. o1oo1o11

     /  July 6, 2009

    Yeah I’d rename this Parent vs. Child.

  3. As a former teen *coughs haughtily* I can tell you that whenever she makes a comment back at you when you tell her to do something, she is looking to start something. Ignore it. I know, it’s annoying as all hell, but it’s just like when she was little. Did you drop everything at every little complaint or whine? No. So why should they change now? Just tune it out 😛

  4. Wow! My 9 year old is already saying this stuff. I am so doomed… LOL!

  5. My oldest son and I were like this. I think it’s because we are so much alike in moods and feelings that he just knew how to press my buttons and he enjoyed it. We fought constantly. I think the only reason he’s still alive is because of my husband. He’s 31 now and finally we get along (most of the time). My youngest was never like this. It does get better as she gets older. One day you’ll be smart again.

  6. I am right there with you. The daughter and I are like gasoline and a match.

    Most of the time, the best advice I can give you is avoid eye contact, make no sudden movements and keep a bat or billy club handy.

    Stay strong. Just think, you will have grandkids someday…spoil them and send them home…

  7. Funny don’t make eye contact and no sudden movements. I think it is one of those times it’s just going to be difficult for awhile. Looking at the comments from others. But this too shall pass. Sounds like you are staying focused, that’s good. Hang in there.;+)

  8. I think I need that sign in my house. 🙂

  9. I love the sign! My oldest just thirteen and already… *taking a deep breath*… can I borrow the sign?


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