Video Of The Week

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

Gone, Gone, Gone

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  1. I couldn’t see this whole video. It stopped on me half way through each time I tried it. But what I saw I just loved. I love the way they’re walking towards each other but never meet and love the colors. Each of their voices I love separately but together they are a really good match. I would never have thought of the two of them together. I’d never heard this song before and I really liked it. Now I’m off to hear the whole thing somehow.

  2. I couldn’t play the video at all it say’s it is enabled. I’ll go over to you tube and check it out there.

    • That is a really good video. Say’s it all, I’ll be humming it I’m sure. Ive never heard it before either.

  3. If it won’t play here definetly go check it out on YouTube, it is well worth it! I finally broke down and got the album the other day and I love it!

  4. I had to do just that. Sorry it did not work for ya!


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