Me, Myself And I

Me, Myself and I… I swear my family thinks that phrase means there are 3 of me! I am also starting to think that my kitchen has a giant magnetic force to it when I enter!

It never fails, the minute I walk into the kitchen my husband and both of my daughters seem to follow me within seconds! Then they all want to start talking to me. All three of them at the same time! Then they each complain that I am not listening to them!

Last night I finally lost it! I went into the kitchen to start dinner when the magnetic force pulled them into the kitchen with me. My husband started telling me about another dumb ass thing Obama did, my oldest daughter started in about having her phone privileges taken away and my youngest daughter was asking me about her birthday party plans for next week. All of them at the same time! 

I stood there in the middle of my kitchen and yelled, “Shut up” at the top of my lungs! I told them from now on if I was in the kitchen they were only allowed in one at a time! I also told them from now on I only speak to one person at a time! If I am not looking directly at you then do not speak to me!

All three of them left the kitchen rather swiftly. My husband had the nerve to tell my girls that I was just PMSing. I quickly responded, “I am sure that a PMS defense will stand up at your murder trial!”

I seriously need this sign!

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  1. He dared using PMS? He is lucky to still be alive, lol!!!

    • The scary part was he dared using it while I had a knife in my hands! He is lucky it didn’t slip out of my hands on “accident!” 🙂

  2. I could use one of those signs too. The other night I retreated to the bedroom to destress from all the packing. My two girls follow me in there and start playing around loudly with each other. I wanted to scream, but just before I lost it they ran out chasing each other.

  3. I can totally relate to this! My kids love to talk to me just as I am going up the stairs to bed! I think they wait for that moment every day!!! I figure they have all day to talk to me, so I just hold strong…and start climbing! They are both bigger than me, and sometimes they try to block me! I threaten to start throwing some punches, and they just laugh! 🙂 I hope you find a sign that works! Dark Chocolate helps me out!

    • Good for you for holding strong! I hold my own most of the time but every once in awhile I just lose it!

  4. Oh how I well remember those days. Trust me, one day you will miss that. The pms thing would have really pissed me off though. I think after all these years my husband has learned NOT to say that. It just makes things so much worse. My husband does talk to me as we are going to bed meanwhile he’s been silent all night. WTH??

    • That’s what kills me, they have all day to talk to me. Each of them on their own. But they freaking wait until I am in the kitchen making dinner and then they all ambush together! Drives me crazy!

  5. omg, this is a hoot! My mom had 12 kids. She had those moments where you’d hear a loud, “Shaaaaaaaaaah Daaaaaaaaaap!” and we joke about it to this day. I know what you mean about being bombarded- it does seem to happen in the kitchen the more I think about it!

  6. I thought it was just me. I can go alllllll day and not have a single person speak to me, the MOMENT I (a) head for the bathroom (b)answer the phone or (c) enter my kitchen…I have an entire entrourage of folks, clammoring for my attention.

    Let me know about that PMS defense…or the name of your lawyer…

  7. I like you sign. It is a strange feeling when you realize you can a hear a word of what anyone’s saying to you when you have several people talking to you at once. Usually seems like when they do this they are doing it loudly maybe to drown out the others so it’s quiet the force. I never like the PMS comment. I vote hang the sign in the kitchen.;+)

  8. ROFLMAO! I know EXACTLY how you felt JAM! I USED to have the same problem here at my house. I do all the cooking in the house and every time I started to cook, I would get hit up with 1000 questions from everyone. How long until we eat? What are we having? Have we had this before? You name it!

    I implemented a new rule after a while. If Daddy is in the kitchen cooking, DON’T bother him unless someone is bleeding. LOL


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