And It Trickles Down…

The other night my 17 year old daughter and I were playing a card game in the living room and half listening to the nightly news on the TV. They had a story on about President Obama’s education plan. They basically were talking about giving schools government funding based on merit.

Here in Texas we have the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS test that the kids have to take at certain grade levels. If they don’t pass it they don’t graduate. Since they have started this testing many years ago that is all they teach. They teach the kids how to pass this test instead of giving them the education they need to pass it. The schools are given money based on the scores the students receive.

My daughter asked me what Obama’s education plan meant for her and I told her for her it would mean more of the same. They were going to put more pressure on the student’s to pass these standardized tests instead of actually teaching them.

My 17 year old daughter’s response to this was, “How stupid is he? Now he is starting to piss off the younger generation! Not a smart move by him especially since I get to vote next time!”

She amazes me some times! Just when I think she never listens to me she comes up with something like this!

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  1. I love this. I hoped so much that he would do well. I really did. It’s not to our advantage if he doesn’t succeed. It’s America and we all live here but he just keeps shooting himself in the foot and he’s digging his own political grave. For a girl her age to see this makes me happy.

  2. SMART girl.

  3. Our grade school gets more money if they can keep enough kids on Ritalin.
    No kidding.

    • Sadly I have been down that rode. My oldest daughter was on Ritalin for 2 years between the ages of 9-11. I found that by watching the diet, vitamins and putting strict schedules in place that she does not need the Ritalin. It took all of my might and the threat of getting a lawyer to convince the school that she did not need to be on medicine!

  4. Smart girl you have there!

    I love this country and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else; but the way it’s run makes me very sad.


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