The Doll House

Almost 2 years ago the Easter Bunny brought my daughters a doll house kit. I tried to hide the thing and I was successful for a year and a half but about 2 weeks ago my youngest daughter pulled the doll house kit out from behind the couch and said with a big smile on her face, “Can we build this together NOW or do I have to wait some more?”

I thought about telling her that we could save it for when she has kids but I caved in instead and we started in on the doll house kit. My room has been turned into Bob the Builder’s construction site.

Both of my daughters have helped out building the house but they never help at the same time they are like a little tag team. The minute I start to get a little frustrated they tag off!  My 10 year old daughter is really only interested in painting the house and my 17 year old is only interested in decorating the house.

After a week and a half we are finally at the painting point! Since my youngest daughter has started school already this job will be a little slow. She will have after school if there is no homework and the weekends to work on it.

My oldest daughter is checking out the hobby shops to decide what decor the inside will be. She has been put on a budget for decorating the house.  I told her this would be a good life lesson for her in case she ever when she moves out on her own!

All I know is if the Easter Bunny ever decides to leave another doll house kit here at this house I am going to chase him down with a pellet gun!

(This is my first attempt at making a video)

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  1. Great doll house AND great video. I still haven’t tried a video nor built a doll house. I’ll skip the doll house but would love to do a video. Seriously, I think it’s a great project for the three of you. Teamwork and all that jazz.

  2. That is a nice doll house! I guess this explains the glue gun burns. Keep up the videos – great job.

  3. I think it’s great that the three of you are doing this together! The house is looking great and nice job on the video!

  4. I remember one Christmas I bought my daughter a Fisher Price dollhouse. She was about 7 at the time. Christmas eve I opened the box only to find out the dollhouse came with wallpaper that needed to be hung. I stayed up half the night wallpapering that damn house.

    I should have given it to her not wallpapered and told her we would do it together. Too late now.

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