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Question of the week: What is the stupidest thing you or your kids have ever gotten in trouble for at school?


My 10 year old started school last Thursday. Monday afternoon her class was the last class dismissed from school. She hopped in the car and she had the “we got in trouble” smirk going on. I asked her why they were the last class out and she started laughing. Apparently at lunch they were singing inappropriate songs so they were held back for 5 minutes. I asked her what they were singing and she said they were singing Low by Flo-Rida. The next time they get an after school detention!

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  1. My youngest son was caught in a power struggle between me and the special ed department so they wrote him up for EVERYTHING. Things the teacher should have just handled like letting him get up to sharpen pencils, putting the hood of his sweatshirt on, leaning back in his chair…you name it and he got in trouble for it. I never thought I’d get him out of school in one piece. Funny thing, as soon as he was out of elementary school and that group of “specialists,” there was no more trouble.

    • I had my own fun with our Special Ed department and my oldest daughter in elementary school. It’s one thing to fight with the parents but when they start thaking it out on the kids they are way too far out of line.

  2. At a Christmas party everyone gathered on the playground for a breakdance contest. I guess that sort of thing doesn’t go over well in Church schools. We didn’t really get much more than a stern talking to from the principal.

  3. joz1234

     /  August 21, 2009

    As a teacher, I would venture that the problem was not likely the song, but the fact that the students would not be quiet when asked.

    • It was definetly the song choice they made. She goes to a Catholic school and they are a little funny like that! 🙂


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