First Day Of School

My 10  old daughter has been back in school for a week and a half now. But, today is the first day of school for my 17 year old daughter and the rest of the neighborhood kids who go to public school.

My 17 year old goes to a fairly new high school and this is the first year it has all four grades. This morning was a nightmare getting her to school. We live 10 minutes away from the school and it took us 40 minutes to get to school this morning! I really don’t know who was driving worse, the parents or the students! I saw more parents on their cell phones either texting or talking than I saw doing it. I can’t wait for September 1st to get here! That’s when our NO CELL PHONES in SCHOOL ZONES law goes into effect.

I survived the school drop off routine and proceeded home to go exercise. As I went out for my daily bike ride on the trails you could tell there was just something a little different about the day. The Junior High kids I passed at the bus stop were all a bit nervous and very tired looking and the moms I came across all had that look of, what’s the word… Happiness in their eyes!

I am going to enjoy my first day of back to school freedom by doing absolutely nothing! OK, I have a few things planned but they are all about ME! I might go get my hair cut without having to tow both kids with me and I am definitely going to go eat lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant that nobody else likes! As for the rest of the week, I am going out on our boat fishing one day and I might just go see a movie that I want to see another day!

Ahh… there is nothing like the first day of school!

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  1. joz1234

     /  August 25, 2009

    have fun!!! Did you see on Fox news that someone has a new software being released only on blackberries for preventing texting while driving. Somehow it disengages the text feature when driving and sends an auto message out to anyone texting in that “so and so is driving and will call back shortly…remember it is not safe to text and drive.” I thought that was COOL!

  2. I’m so glad you’re taking a few days and doing some stuff you like to do. That’s what back to school is all about. I thought of you this morning and I hope all goes well for the rest of the week.

  3. My kids recently went back to school as well JAM! It’s the most wonderful time of the year innit? I wake them all up in the morning to get ready for school by coming into their rooms and singing rather loudly “It’s time for school today…it’s time for school today….give a yell, give a cheer…it’s time for school today”. They HATE it and I LOVE it! LOL

  4. Tosha

     /  September 1, 2009

    The first day back here was last monday. It was fantastic. peaceful! Other than the fact that it took forever to get all 3 kids to school b/c the traffic was horrendous.

    You know what really ticks me off worse than all the idiots on their cell phones.. Is when I see the bus drivers on their cell phones.. That makes me sooooooooooo mad!

  5. The kids have been back in school for a week now. Somehow I seem to have less time than ever. I’m glad you’re having a good time. I intend to also, as soon as we settle in a little better.


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