Dear 1989 Me

Dear 1989 Just A Mom:

Oops… I guess I let that cat out of the bag! This is 2009 Just A Mom and if you couldn’t figure it out from your new name you become a mom in the near future.

Let’s see your High School Class slogan is  Drugs are great, Sex is fine, We’re the Class of ’89! First thing I’m going to tell you is don’t drop out of school! You think you are sticking it to the teachers and the administration but the only one you are sticking it too is yourself!

Here are some other things you might be interested in:

Beauty: Stay away from the perm! Don’t do it now or ever! As for those glasses you hate wearing don’t worry too much you will get contacts sooner or later!

Men: Listen to your Grandmother! She will tell you, “Don’t get married just live with him!” Yes, YOUR Grammy tells you that! Listen to the women! If you don’t listen to her you will figure out she was right in 5 months. Not too much time wasted and you get a great daughter out of it.

As for the next round with men always take a dare and always follow your gut instincts. You will meet the man you are now married to through an on-line dating site your friend dares you to join. You will have to weed out a few jerks but it is worth it. Oh by the way you might want to get on a different birth control pill because the one you are on didn’t work the first time and guess what it doesn’t work the second time either! But your youngest daughter and your now husband will probably thank you one day!

Children: Like I already mentioned you end up with two daughters. They are seven years apart but they will still fight like cats and dogs with each other. Just walk away when they start in!

When you have your first daughter don’t be stupid, take the DRUGS! Make sure you listen to your mom about her name. You will have your heart set on naming her Gretchen but you’ll see when she is born it just doesn’t fit!

As for your youngest daughter, she will be a piece of cake! Just remember nobody has died from the 5 second rule!

Family: Your mom will always stay by your side. But you know that even back in 1989. Give her lots of hugs!

Your dad, well he is just your dad. You will get to use him in a few years down the road. It’s ok to use him, your Grammy, his mom, will tell you “to take what you can get when you can get it!” Again, that lady is one smart cookie! 

You lose quite a few of your close family members in the next twenty years but you also gain a few great ones as well!

Money: You make enough to cover the bills and have a little left over for some fun every now and then.   

Misc.: The winning lottery numbers for September 18, 2009 is: 18-27-31-36-52 with a Mega Ball Number 53.

One day you will get a bright idea to build a doll house with your girls. Buy lots of burn ointment!

I know I left out a bunch of information but you are pretty darn smart. You’ll figure it out!


Tag your it if ya wanna be! Write a letter to your own 1989 self!

I stole borrowed this from Jean over at Jean Has Been Shopping. Check her blog out, she has a great little site!

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  1. I literally Laughed Out Loud (complete with snorts) at your post!! Your birth control didn’t work? Yes, for sure, take the drugs. Don’t be a hero!

    Thank you for the pimpage and the laughs! 😀

  2. This is a great idea. I love the dollhouse/burn ointment.

  3. Great post! I’m in on this one.


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