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Stephen Lynch


Question of the week: Do you check your kids halloween candy? How much candy do you swipe from them?



In his song Beautiful Boy, John Lennon wrote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

What is life? What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose in life? What the hell am I doing with my life?

Ah yes! All the great questions for the making of a mid-life crisis! One of these days I suppose I will have the answers to all these questions. I also suppose once I have all these great answers I will drop dead at once so I can’t pass them on. I believe every person has to find his or her own answers to these questions.

I have thought about these questions really hard lately. The one thing I have tried hard not to do is to not stop living while I try and figure out these great mysteries of life. That would truly be a waste of life in my opinion.

Last night my youngest daughter and I took a bike ride right before sunset. We had to stop a few times to rest her little legs. During one of these stops, as we were watching the sunset over the golf course, she said out of the blue “I think life is what you do between sunrise and sunset!”

Wow! Out of the mouths of babes! I truly believe my youngest is an old soul sent here to guide me between my sunrise and my sunset!

Question & Video Of The Week

Question of the week: Which show do you like better, The Addams Family or The Munsters?

The Addams Family

The Munsters

The Doll House Project

About 2 months ago I posted a video about our progress on our Doll House. Today, my poor glue-gun burned fingers  I am very happy to announce that construction has ended on this house and I am able to post an updated version of our Doll House Project!

The next phase of our project has been turned over to my daughters. They will be the Interior Decorators for this project. Hopefully they won’t take as long as the construction crew did and they will come in under budget!

Video Of The Week

1960’s Kodak Commercial
Turn Around

Question Of The Week

 Question of the week: What seems to be your busiest month?

For me October is always busy for some unknown reason! It seems like every weekend we have something going on! Trust me I am thankful for having all of these activities and I thank the big man upstairs daily, but I am actually looking forward to November!

Sick Day?!

Ah the joys of being unemployed a stay at home mom… I don’t have to dress up to impress the boss, I don’t have to worry about the break room gossip and I don’t have to worry about the government taking all those taxes out of my check!

The one thing I really miss is having sick days! Have you ever tried to take a sick day from being unemployed a stay at home mom? I swear it can’t be done!

All weekend long I muddled along trying not to give into the fact that I might be getting the crud! We had too busy of a weekend for me to be getting sick. We had our church/school bazaar and my oldest daughter had Homecoming! Being sick was not an option!

Monday comes around and when I woke up I was sick! My ears were throbbing and my throat was on fire! As Sponge Bob would say, “I have the suds!”

My youngest daughter had the day off from school but I still had to get up and get my oldest daughter out the door. She was feeling kind of sudsy herself. I managed to get her to school and I came home and landed my sick butt on the couch with my blankie! I declared to my husband who works from home and my youngest daughter that I was taking a sick day!

Sick day my Asteroids! After an hour and a half of school my oldest daughter called and said she was not feeling good and that I needed to go pick her up! I got my sick butt up and went to get her.

We got home and I tried to go back to my couch with my blankie. I had forgotten that I promised my youngest daughter to go costume shopping today. I hate breaking a promise! So I got my sick butt moving and out we went for a day of shopping!

Now it’s time to go make dinner… my throat is still sore and my ears are still throbbing! Maybe I can call in sick tomorrow!

Video Of The Week

Animal vs Buddy Rich


Question Of The Week

Question of the week: Do you have any funny sayings that you use instead of swearing?

Last Friday I took my youngest daughter and her friend to the movies. My daughter’s friend banged her knee on the car door and this flew out of her mouth: Sugar Honey Iced Tea! After I found out that she was alright I asked her what she said. My daughter of course piped in and proudly said: Sugar Honey Iced Tea! and then she told me it stood for that word that rhymes with IT. Yep, these cute little Catholic school girls have their own little code for S-H-I-T… Sugar Honey Iced Tea!

Rah, Rah, Ree…

Rah, Rah, Ree 
Kick him in the knee.
Rah, Rah Rass,
Kick him in the other knee!
Oh Hell! Go ahead and
Kick him in the Ass!

It’s that time of year again. Fall is in the air, boys are playing football and girls are looking at the boys butts in their tight football uniform pants cheering them on!

High School Football

This past Friday I ventured out to a high school football game with my daughters. This game was my oldest daughter’s high school team against my old, and I do mean old, high school team. This game has become a little bit of a tradition with me and my girls.

High School Football 10-2-09

I sat on my daughter’s school side but I proudly wore my old school’s color, red! My daughter’s school had what they call a “Black Out” and most of them wore black shirts. The others wore either royal blue or white! My red shirt stood out pretty good! The ticket lady even asked me if I was going to the correct side!

My oldest daughter is currently dating the right tackle from her team. I had to laugh because every time the boy had the ball she missed seeing it! That’s what you get for talking too much!

My youngest daughter had her pom-poms and she kept saying the above little cheer all night long as she waved them! At first it was cute… but by the end of the 4th quarter I was ready to shove those damn pom-poms somewhere that rhymes with Rass! Especially since my team got their butts kicked, 35 to 13!

High School Football 10-2-09

Did I mention that this was my school’s Homecoming to boot?! 

Video Of The Week

I Exist Support Group

Diet Dr Pepper Commmercial