The Doll House Project

About 2 months ago I posted a video about our progress on our Doll House. Today, my poor glue-gun burned fingers  I am very happy to announce that construction has ended on this house and I am able to post an updated version of our Doll House Project!

The next phase of our project has been turned over to my daughters. They will be the Interior Decorators for this project. Hopefully they won’t take as long as the construction crew did and they will come in under budget!

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  1. Oh, I love the paint job!!! Looks like a cute little victorian from Northern California. Fabulous video too!

  2. Oh JAM, is it ever cute. I just love it. You’ll have to keep posting it as it goes. I can’t wait to see what A&K do with the inside.

  3. This is a project that I can tell brings lots and lots of laughter and silliness! Great job….keep it going! 🙂

    • We had a blast doing this little project. It’s funny how each kiddo has their own strength and I can see it in this House! My little one is a builder and my oldest is more of the artistic dreamer.

  4. If you notice in the one picture there are 2 little cars, one is a truck and the other is a little roadster. I found these little cars for 49 cents and I gave each of the girls one to paint. The funny part is they painted them separately but they both ended up using the same colors!

  5. That’s soooo awesome! You ladies did a GREAT job! I’ll bet that was a lot of fun to do together. 😀

  6. Hey, that’s a really nice doll house. I love the detail with which it was painted. You ladies get a standing ovation from me. And if the interior comes in on time and under budget, then I’m gonna have to ask for your business card – I’ve got a few projects…


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