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Stephen Lynch


Question of the week: Do you check your kids halloween candy? How much candy do you swipe from them?


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  1. I always check my kids candy! In the name of safety of course, well that and to make sure I get first dibs on the good stuff! 🙂

  2. When my kids went trick or treating…yes, I sure did. I limited them to the amount of candy they ate each day. I also used the candy for other things, like party favor bags…class donations, etc. I also picked out the ones I loved the best! Mean mom, huh? LOL 🙂

  3. I did check the candy when they got home. I never used to eat much candy so no, I never swiped any from them. If I wanted something I’d just ask. You know what’s funny though? I’ve found since I quit smoking I like sweets. I also like fruit now too so now I’ve developed a sweet tooth. I wonder why that it.

  4. I check the candy and I also put it all together in the pantry so I can control how much of it gets eaten. Months later most of it is still there and we give it away or throw it away. I never let the chocolates go to waste though 🙂 . Knowing that I like chocolate, they often offer their mini chocolate bars to me without me even asking.

  5. Yes, we check their candy. If there’s some odd looking, no-name brand stuff in there, we’ll set that aside. I’ll swipe peanut M&M’s or anything I think they won’t like. They’ll have a little free for all tonight, and then we’ll put the candy up high to dole out gradually.

  6. YES! I ALWAYS check my kids candy before it is eaten. We also control the amount of candy he is allowed to have in a day. You really have too don’t ya? LOL

    I might take a couple of little things from my son’s bag but not much at all.


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