New Moon

My girls love the Twilight series. My oldest daughter read the entire series. I told my youngest daughter that she had to read the book in order to see the movie. But that went by the wayside real fast once her older sister got the Twilight DVD! My youngest is just like me she hates to read! We have found that if we read a book out loud to each other it’s not that bad. It’s actually fun!

OK, sorry, I went off subject a little there! Back to Twilight! This morning I found out our DirectTV has an interactive Twilight channel for this week. It shows trailers for the New Moon movie and has a couple of little games to play. I told both of my girls about this morning when I woke them up. You would have thought I woke them up on Christmas morning! They were dressed and downstairs in 10 minutes flat!

Both of my girls want to go see the New Moon movie this weekend. They are both freaking out because they think the movie will sell out and they won’t be able to go see it this weekend. My youngest daughter is also freaking out because she wants to go see the movie with just her big sister, NO MOMS ALLOWED! This will be a first for her to go see a movie with just her sister.

Well I was nice and bought them the tickets online for this Saturday and I have no intentions on going to see it with them! I am debating on whether to tell them this information this afternoon or to milk it for a few days! I can’t keep secrets like this so I will probably bust by dinnertime!


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  1. I am so out of the loop where all this Twilight stuff is concerned. I know nothing about any of it. Oh well.

    I think it’s so neat your girls get to go to the movie together ALONE!! It’s not that they don’t love you but K will really feel like a bigshot going with A all by themselves. I can’t wait to hear about it next week.

  2. Crazy and wild days ahead with those teens! LOL 🙂 Hope all is well.

  3. Oh come on!!! You’ve got to milk this one for all it’s worth.

  4. I cratered and told them both after school yesterday! My little one let out one of her ear piercing little 10-year-old screams! When I go deaf I am going to blame it on her!!
    As for that DirecTV Interactive channel… I am thinking about blocking that! It loops the same 15 minutes of trailers over and over and over. There is one scene where Edward tells Bela that he won’t be back and everytime I see that I scream at the TV “Yeah right! You keep promising me you won’t be back. Just wait 15 minutes, you’ll be back!!”

  5. tickets for tonights midnight showing here were sold out a week ago. Ticket sales are going fast for the weekend that thought is not entierly off base so it’s good you got the tickets…OH HELL Yeah I would have been showing them the tickets and handing them a “to do list”

  6. Tosha

     /  November 20, 2009

    Most of teh shows here for the weekend are sold out. I got my tickets for saturday night last week online. My girls are mad that they aren’t going with me. I am having a kid free night for the first time in years!

  7. My stepdaughter went to go see it with her mom last night, and because they got home at 3am, she let her skip school today. I am not exactly thrilled about it. However, at least she is still into reading books. I hear it is fabulosu and I’m sure your girls will love it.

  8. Your girls are soooooooooooo lucky! You didn’t want to go? Oh, I hope your girls enjoyed! I cannot wait to see it, but I will wait out the crowds cuz I’m weird like that.

    • My girls loved the movie! They had a blast going together, especially without Mom! I am not into the Twilight series other than looking at the posters up on my kids walls!

  9. ok..the movie was GOOD! I am not sure I liked it better than the first one but it was different than the first one. Better effects..etc.


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