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Father Time’s Song

Rudolph’s Shiny New Year


Happy New Year

In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want.
(Irish toast)

New Year Resolution

I am going to make a New Year Resolution for 2010: I am going to lose 30 pounds by next year!

There I said it! To help keep my promise I have started a new blog, As The Scale Turns. It’s my diet blog where I am going to post my weight weekly, write of any potholes I hit, and post any good recipes I find!

Feel free to join me if you want or just stop on by to keep me on my toes and out of the fridge!

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Chris the Mouse enjoyed his last couple of days at our house by playing Chutes and Ladders and leaving more candy around our house. He went back home to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve. He will be missed but we know he is needed very much to clean up after the elves in Santa’s Workshop!

I Blinked…Christmas Is Over!

It seems like I blinked and then Christmas was over. Why does it always take so long to prepare for Christmas and then POOF it’s all over in the blink of an eye?!

I told my girls if they woke me up before 6am Christmas morning that I would not be help responsible for their safety! They were nice and woke me up at 6:05! Even my husband was awake which is a Christmas miracle all on its own! I vaguely remember getting a cup of coffee and sitting on the couch and the next thing I knew they had opened everything! 

My kids enjoyed their presents which consisted mostly of board games and clothes this year. My husband and I agreed that the grill we recently bought was our Christmas present. My daughters bought me a little Elmo figurine and a pretty Snowflake necklace. My mother-in-law bought me a coffee cup that I swear holds 6 cups of coffee! I love it!

My husband gave the family the best present of all and he stopped drinking. He has been sober for 9 days now and I have high hopes that he will continue to stay sober. 

Now it’s on to the New Year, 2010, New Year Resolutions! This year I am giving up blinking for my New Year Resolution! Well that and I am seriously making a resolution to lose 30 pounds! Do you think if I blink that maybe the weight would come off as easy as it did going on?!

Merry Christmas (Video Of The Week)

Eight is Enough

May each and everyone of you have a very Blessed Christmas!


The Adventure Continues

Chris the Mouse has continued on his little adventure exploring our house at night. Last week we found him reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas to one of his new little friends, eating candy canes as he put together our Christmas Countdown for us, looking at our Nativity Scene and sitting in an empty flower vase! One night he even made himself a cup of hot chocolate in MY favorite cup! The nerve of him! That same night he made a marshmallow man as well. He has hung from our dinning room lights, played with the race track that we set up for Christmas and last night we found him playing pool!

I can’t believe all the stuff this little mouse finds to do around here. No really, because my girls are always complaining that they are bored and have nothing to do! I am just glad that Chris the Mouse is having a great time and I love that he is so quiet at night. Just quiet as a mouse!

40 Questions With A Twist

MoodSwingMabel did this the other day and seeing that I am super lazy I thought it would be fun to do myself so I stole it from her!

1. My uncle once: helped me skip school when I was 16. We went all over Connecticut looking at antique stores and he kept telling me not to touch anything. He ended up breaking something and he left his phone number so they could tell them how much he owed. My Aunt answered the phone and she told them they had the wrong number so they gave a description of my Uncle and ME! My mom and my Aunt were pissed at both of us but it was so worth it! 

2. Never in my life: Have I had a driving ticket. Knock on wood!

3.When I was five: I used to run away from home on a daily basis. I would get to the end of the street and stop and sit on the corner. My next door neighbor asked me what I was doing one day and I told him “I’m running away from home but I’m not allowed to cross the street by myself!”

4.High School was: weird for me. I loved choir and I found everything else just to hard for me. I don’t like having to learn things that I am never going to use again. To me it’s a waste of my time and what little space I have in my head. 

5.I will never forget: The last words I said to my mother. I told her I would be OK on my own and that I loved her.

6.I once met: Fuzzy Zoeller the golfer. He talked to my girls for about an hour after his golf round. I was also thisclose to Glenn Fry at the Masters once. Somewhere we have a picture of me with him standing behind me.

7. There’s this girl I know who: actually there are 2 of them and they are the best things that could have ever happened to me!

8. Once, at a bar: I had just a sip of a beer and then I headed straight to the bathroom and lost my cookies. That’s when I knew I was pregnant with my second daughter!

9. By noon, I’m usually: making myself lunch or playing on the computer.

10. Last night: I made venison burgers and grilled them and then we watched Jack Frost.

11. If only I had: my own restaurant I would be in heaven!

12. Next time I go to church: I will try to behave myself.

13. Terry Schiavo: I thought it was cruel to keep her alive the way they did. But I hope it opened up people’s eyes that they need to make a living will no matter what age they are.

14. What worries me most: Making sure my kids are well prepared to make it on their own

15. When I turn my head left, I see: my printer.

16. When I turn my head right, I see: the canal and cow pasture outside my back window.

17. You know I’m lying when: I won’t look you in the eye and I giggle a little.

18. What I miss most about the eighties: The music, the TV shows…the 80’s were awesome!

19. If I was a character in Shakespeare, I’d be: go back up to #4. I have no clue Shakespeare was useless knowledge to me!

20. By this time next year: I hope my husband is celebrating a year of  sobriety.

21. A better name for me would be: I don’t know Mom just fits so well. Maybe Grammy in about 10 years?!

22. I have a hard time understanding: why people get totally enraged over things they have no control over. If you can’t change it then deal with it and move on. Life is just to short!

23. If I ever go back to school, I’ll: be there volunteering!

24. You know I like you if: I laugh at your jokes.

25. If I ever won an award, the first person I’d thank would be: All the little people I stepped on to get it!

26. Darwin, Mozart, Slim Pickens & Geraldine Ferraro: Darwin had some pretty good theories, Mozart made some great music, Slim Pickens was what my mom would say to me while looking through the clearance racks after Christmas and I am glad Mondale-Ferraro lost the presidential election to Reagan-Bush. 

27.Take my advice, never: let your brother tie your Big Wheel to the back of his 6 speed bike. It’s an ER visit waiting to happen!

28.My ideal breakfast is: Fried eggs, bacon, english muffin with Blue Bonnet on it and corned beef hash. If only I could eat it every day!

29. A song I love, but do not own is: Come on Eileen is the first one that popped into my head!

30. If you visit my hometown, I suggest: Visit NASA and our Zoo.

31. Tulips, character flaws, microchips, & track stars: Tulips are beautiful but I can’t grow them, character flaws are just God’s sense of humor in action, microchips have changed the world and track stars do it despite the hurdles.

32.Why won’t people: respect the need for quiet time! I swear I figured out why I don’t read books it’s because I can’t at least not in my house! The minute anyone sees me with a book in my hands that’s when they decide to talk to me!

33.If you spend the night at my house: you would have to sleep on the world’s most uncomfortable sleeper sofa that my in-laws gave us. It is straight out of the 70’s with its gold colored flower patterns!

34. I’d stop my wedding for: apparently nothing! My first attempt at marriage they got to the part where they ask who gives this woman away and they all looked at my mom and she said “Sure as hell not me!” I did it anyway! My second attempt I had a really bad case of morning sickness and ruined my dress but I found a backup and did it anyway!

35. The world could do without: people who hate just for the sake of hating.

36. I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: have to clean up after sick kids!

37.My favorite blonde is: …my daughter.

38: Paper clips are more useful than: rubber bands!

39. If I do anything well, it’s: cook.

40. And by the way: Life’s tough. It’s even tougher if you’re stupid. (John Wayne)

Advice She Will Never Forget!

My oldest daughter has a new boyfriend, wait I think she has a new boyfriend, they come and go so fast it’s hard to keep up! Well anyway, last week my daughter and I were in the car alone together and she asked me if her boyfriend could come over that afternoon. This is the conversation that followed:

Me: “No, not today, it’s family day. I told you yesterday to make sure his coming over for only an hour was worth it.”
Daughter #1: “But, I wasn’t thinking about that. I was only thinking that I wanted to see him then no matter what.”
Me: “That’s why I asked you more than once if you were sure it was worth only seeing him for an hour!”
There was a brief silence in the car.
Daughter #1: “So…Can he come over this afternoon?”
Me: “Um..NO! Life is like a Chocolate Bunny.”
Daughter #1 (laughing): “What the Hell?!”
Me: “Shut up and listen! Right now you are in a new relationship and all you can think about is what you want right now, this instant! You are not thinking about the next day or the next week. It’s just like when you get a Chocolate Bunny at Easter. It starts out with I’m just going to eat the Bunny ears. The next thing you know you are down to the feet and you are now sick to your stomach. All you could think about was how good those little Bunny ears tasted and you didn’t think about anything else! See Life is like a Chocolate Bunny… please make sure you are careful where you bite!”
Daughter #1 (laughing so hard she has tears rolling down her face): “Only MY MOM would tell me something like that!”

Video And Question Of The Week

A Christmas Story

Chinese Restaurant Scene


Question of the week: What do you have for Christmas dinner?

Not A Creature Was Stirring…

Except Chris the Mouse! He has had an eventful week at our house. He brought the girls plenty of treats and he has had his share of running around at night!

I know Chris the Mouse is on vacation, but it sure would be nice if he would clean my house one night while he is up running around like crazy!

A Chrismouse Meme

I was tagged by Mabs over at Mood Swing Mabel  for this Holiday meme.

The Twelve days of Christmas have been celebrated since medieval times ~ traditionally beginning the day after Christmas Day (now known as Boxing Day) and ending with Twelfth Night.  And since the festive season is upon us ~ I thought it might be fun to do a Christmas meme!


  1. Copy the delightful Chrismouse picture to your post.
  2. Copy these rules and the explanation of the meme (above).
  3. Link the person who tagged you.
  4. List 12 things: either about a Christmas present or memories about Christmas past (or a mixture of both)
  5. Tag as many or as few people as you like!

If you are reading this then you are hereby tagged!

  1. I remember every year my dad had to tell us the “Story of the Angel on Top of the Tree.” You know the one, where Santa has a really bad day and it ends with the angel asking him where he wants her to put the tree. Every year my dad made this story longer and longer. When I was about 9 I really wanted to get done with the tree and go play with my friends and he was taking what seemed to me like forever and I piped in with: “Just get to the part where he shoves the tree up her ass!”
  2. Somehow over the years on Christmas morning nobody was allowed to open presents until we drank a glass of orange juice. When I was older I asked my mom what that was all about and she said it was the only way she could get us to wait until she had enough coffee in her! I asked her well why the orange juice? She said she saw it on the show Eight is Enough and thought it was a good idea!
  3. Every Christmas Eve before Santa came my brother and I got to open 1 present that was under the tree and it was usually new pajamas. I do this with my kids too and they actually look forward to their new PJs.
  4. My mom’s birthday was December 13th so every year we gave her a new tree ornament for her birthday. We still put a new ornament up on the tree on the 13th in her memory.
  5. Every year since I was about 5 or 6 my brother and I would find the stash of presents, unwrap them and then wrap them back up! Every year we vowed we wouldn’t do it but every year we did!
  6. When my oldest daughter was about 3 she kept taking off the tree ornaments and we kept putting them back on but just out of her reach. That year the bottom 2 feet of the tree was empty!
  7. Every year Santa would put an orange in our stocking. I have no clue why he did that but he still does it to this day!
  8. A few years ago Santa & Mrs. Claus must have had a few too many egg nogs and he must have forgotten to put out a few presents left a few presents in my closet!
  9. I thought it was the coolest thing when I was 9 and we had a little store set up in our school for us kids to buy presents for our parents. I bought my mom a spice rack with my own money and I was soo proud of it!
  10. I love going to Christmas Eve Mass. I love seeing the CEO’s looking around to see what to do in church. (Christmas and Easter Only people)
  11. Last year my youngest daughter wanted an Elf like all her friends. But I was late to the table and she ended up with Chris the Christmas Mouse which has turned into a new tradition!
  12. We have a little Nativity set that you can move around and every year my girls argue over who’s turn it is to set it up!

Cool Feelings

This past week I have found myself very busy! But I have not been too busy as to miss out on those cool feelings that you get in life. Here are just a few of the cool feelings I got this past week while out and about Christmas shopping and running kids around:

  • I am a shy person and rarely strike up a conversation with strangers. But while I was in a book store this week I saw a lady looking at an item that I had just bought for $15 cheaper in another store. I decided to let her in on my find and I ended up talking to her for about 15 minutes. It was then that it hit me like a blast of cold air: I had turned into my mother!
  • My youngest daughter’s choir class will be going out to nursing homes to sing Christmas songs next week. This morning I asked her if she was nervous and this was the response I got: “No, not really. I just hope they don’t throw applesauce at us!” Cool feeling: My daughter had turned into a smartass just like me!
  • My oldest daughter was talking to her current boyfriend the other night and I asked her who she was talking to. She replied with “my boyfriend.” I jokingly said loudly “Oh, hi Chris!” His name is Robert. I actually like this boyfriend even though he really needs to get a sense of humor: He is mad at my daughter because of my joke and they have not talked for 2 days!
  • The other day people driving like idiots were really starting to get on my last nerve. I had one older gentleman who was driving about 10 miles under the speed limit and really pissing me off! Finally I was able to get around him and I did something I have not done in a long time, I flipped him off! Yeah, I let him know that he was #1! I got stopped at a stop light and he drove up next to me and when I looked over I had a really cool feeling. Actually, it was like a Hell freezing over feeling: The gentleman for whom I hand signaled was number 1 in my book was my priest!


JoeCool.jpg Joe Cool Snoopy image by magblog

Video And Question Of The Week

Feel Good Drinks

Question of the week: Is there a special drink or food item that you like that you can only get around Christmas time?

Welcome Back Chris

Last week my youngest daughter made a plea to Santa to bring Chris the Mouse back to our house. She set up her Elf Bed, put out popcorn, cookies and crackers, because “that’s what Chris likes to eat,” and wrote a nice letter to Santa! She couldn’t wait until morning. This was almost as big as Christmas Eve!



The next morning she flew downstairs to see if Chris had arrived. The look on her face was great when she saw Chris. All morning long she talked about all the things that she and Chris were going to do. My older daughter came into the kitchen and said, “Mom, wasn’t I her age when I found out about Santa? I think I was! She is getting worse instead of better!” I told her if she didn’t watch out Chris wasn’t going to leave her anything except little mouse droppings!

My daughter took Chris to school with her the first day she had him. He stayed in her locker box all day. My daughter swears that he cleaned her and her friend’s locker out. I swear I did not go up to her school! Pinky promise!

Chris spent his first night with us sleeping in his little Elf Bed. At least that’s where my youngest daughter put him to bed! When she woke up the next morning she found Chris sitting at a picnic table with 2 candy bars in front of it. He was even nice enough to leave one for the non-believing older sister!

The next night my daughter once again put him to sleep in his bed and once again he didn’t stay there! I am starting to think he has something against sleeping in his special Elf Bed because we found him sleeping in the Doll House!

The following night my daughter decided that Chris needed to sleep with her. He apparently woke up during the night and left some little miniature chocolate bars on the stairs. My youngest daughter was nice and shared them with her sister. I told the Non-Believer to “be careful of the chocolates because he might have made them himself!”

Hopefully Chris will start to sleep a little more at night next week but I am not going to hold my breath!

Video Of The Week

When Humans Are Sleeping

Something Old, Something New

Let me start by telling you about our grill. Our grill is about 6 years old and is on its last leg. Seriously! It lost 1 original wheel about 2 years ago and we replaced it with an old training wheel. The inside is falling apart and when you eat the meat that’s cooked on it you have to be careful not to eat metal!

The other night my husband was going to grill some fresh venison back strap stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeno and wrapped in bacon. YUM! My mouth was watering just putting these babies together.

My husband went outside, lit the grill and then moved it closer to the backdoor where the light is so he could see better since it was dark. That’s when I hear a BANG followed by an “Oh Shit!”

I was smart and stayed inside. My husband came back inside after about 10 minutes. He mumbled something about a piece of shit and then took the plate of meat and went back outside.  My youngest daughter ventured outside and came back in with the empty plate for me to clean and just started laughing and said something about another wheel breaking and wood. I didn’t even ask!

My husband comes inside and tells me to hold off on cooking the side dishes just yet because he has to switch out the gas tank, which he hates doing! He gets that done and relights the grill. About 10 minutes later I hear another BANG! followed by an “Oh Shit!” He comes in and tells me he lost one of the venison wraps inside the grill because the grill grate broke. No big deal it was an extra anyway.

We finally ate dinner and my husband declares that we are “Getting a new Gawd Damn grill no matter what!” Ok, no problem, that will be our Christmas present for this year.

This is why we needed a new grill!


Yesterday my husband went out and bought a new grill and we put it together this morning. It took us probably an hour and a half to assemble it and nobody was hurt or asked for a divorce!

I am going to like cooking on this baby!

The Return Of Chris The Mouse

Well it’s that time of year again. Yep, it’s Christmas time! Time to put up the tree, hang the lights outside, shop till you drop, drink Egg Nog and be Merry! Oh, and I almost forgot, well actually I was hoping my youngest wouldn’t remember, it’s time for Chris the Mouse to come back for a visit!

Chris the Christmas Mouse

 (If you would like to read his adventures from last year click here.)

My daughter still has her “Elf Bed” from last year and since we don’t have a Christmas Tree up yet she made a drawing of a tree to hang somewhere to put the bed under! She tried to set it all up last week but trying to bide some time for myself, I told her Santa won’t let the Elves or Chris the Mouse leave the workshop until at least December 1st.

This morning she remembered that it was December 1st! She was all happy that Chris would be able to come back tonight! Why can’t kids have crappy memories like their parents!

So, like the stupid ass great mother that I am, I have typed up Santa’s Letter for the arrival of Chris the Mouse tonight.

I will try to give a weekly update on the “Great Adventures of Chris the Mouse!”