Something Old, Something New

Let me start by telling you about our grill. Our grill is about 6 years old and is on its last leg. Seriously! It lost 1 original wheel about 2 years ago and we replaced it with an old training wheel. The inside is falling apart and when you eat the meat that’s cooked on it you have to be careful not to eat metal!

The other night my husband was going to grill some fresh venison back strap stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeno and wrapped in bacon. YUM! My mouth was watering just putting these babies together.

My husband went outside, lit the grill and then moved it closer to the backdoor where the light is so he could see better since it was dark. That’s when I hear a BANG followed by an “Oh Shit!”

I was smart and stayed inside. My husband came back inside after about 10 minutes. He mumbled something about a piece of shit and then took the plate of meat and went back outside.  My youngest daughter ventured outside and came back in with the empty plate for me to clean and just started laughing and said something about another wheel breaking and wood. I didn’t even ask!

My husband comes inside and tells me to hold off on cooking the side dishes just yet because he has to switch out the gas tank, which he hates doing! He gets that done and relights the grill. About 10 minutes later I hear another BANG! followed by an “Oh Shit!” He comes in and tells me he lost one of the venison wraps inside the grill because the grill grate broke. No big deal it was an extra anyway.

We finally ate dinner and my husband declares that we are “Getting a new Gawd Damn grill no matter what!” Ok, no problem, that will be our Christmas present for this year.

This is why we needed a new grill!


Yesterday my husband went out and bought a new grill and we put it together this morning. It took us probably an hour and a half to assemble it and nobody was hurt or asked for a divorce!

I am going to like cooking on this baby!

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  1. That’s a beauty. Why is it we put off getting a new grill for so damn long? We use our constantly and it looks like your old one. I’m so happy for you and wish it were us that got a new one.

    • We use the grill at least twice a week and we put up with that thing for way too long! He got a good deal on this one. It’s a Brinkman with 4 burners and a side burner for under $200.

  2. The snow is fun again isn’t it?? LOVE IT.

  3. I agree that we should not put off getting new stuff when we need it. Sometimes we just have to do it! 🙂 Happy cooking!

  4. The photos of the old grill CRACKED ME UP! LOVE the training wheel! bwahahahahahaahahahaha

    So you traded the ghetto grill in for a shiny new one finally. She’s a beauty! 😀 No more lost venison with this one. 😀

    • I told my husband when we put the Dumbass Redneck Grill out for the garbage tomorrow that I am going to make sure it’s closer to my neighbor’s driveway!

  5. S. Le

     /  December 3, 2009

    Your old grill should receive a funeral with honours. It appears to have been abused and neglected!

    The grill is dead. Long live the grill!

    • S. Le

       /  December 3, 2009

      Oh and I’d love it if my husband grilled. I do all the cooking but for an occasional omelette!

      • My husband thinks the grill is his but I have been using it a ton in the last year. My kiddos actually prefer it when I grill because he tends to overcook everything!

  6. Congratulations on the new grill. It sure is good lookin’.

  7. mabs

     /  December 9, 2009

    “I was smart and stayed inside” – you are such a wise, wise woman! ROFLMAO! I’m sitting here laughing. OMG, this is just too funny for words. That old grill was a hot mess! LOL!!!!! I give you credit for keeping it going though….

  8. I hope your new grill works well. We bought a new one 2 Fathers Days ago, and I’ve got to tell you, the old grill was more reliable. The new grill has uneven heating. Hubby’s ruined more than one meal with it. 😦


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