Cool Feelings

This past week I have found myself very busy! But I have not been too busy as to miss out on those cool feelings that you get in life. Here are just a few of the cool feelings I got this past week while out and about Christmas shopping and running kids around:

  • I am a shy person and rarely strike up a conversation with strangers. But while I was in a book store this week I saw a lady looking at an item that I had just bought for $15 cheaper in another store. I decided to let her in on my find and I ended up talking to her for about 15 minutes. It was then that it hit me like a blast of cold air: I had turned into my mother!
  • My youngest daughter’s choir class will be going out to nursing homes to sing Christmas songs next week. This morning I asked her if she was nervous and this was the response I got: “No, not really. I just hope they don’t throw applesauce at us!” Cool feeling: My daughter had turned into a smartass just like me!
  • My oldest daughter was talking to her current boyfriend the other night and I asked her who she was talking to. She replied with “my boyfriend.” I jokingly said loudly “Oh, hi Chris!” His name is Robert. I actually like this boyfriend even though he really needs to get a sense of humor: He is mad at my daughter because of my joke and they have not talked for 2 days!
  • The other day people driving like idiots were really starting to get on my last nerve. I had one older gentleman who was driving about 10 miles under the speed limit and really pissing me off! Finally I was able to get around him and I did something I have not done in a long time, I flipped him off! Yeah, I let him know that he was #1! I got stopped at a stop light and he drove up next to me and when I looked over I had a really cool feeling. Actually, it was like a Hell freezing over feeling: The gentleman for whom I hand signaled was number 1 in my book was my priest!


JoeCool.jpg Joe Cool Snoopy image by magblog

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  1. S. Le

     /  December 10, 2009

    The worst thing ever was when I heard my mum’s voice coming out of my own mouth!

  2. Oh no! Are you kidding about the priest? Yipes!
    That’s great about your daughter’s boyfriend though. Hahahaha! He needs to lighten up.

    • I wish I was kidding about the priest! Now I am thinking about Saturday confessions! I think I might just go to another church for confession this week!

  3. Oh Just A Mom…..what are we going to do with you??? Chris, ooops, I mean Robert really should put on his big boy pants. He hasn’t talked to her??? You are joking????!!!!!


    The priest……it had to be you!!!


    • For the record my daughter called the boyfriend last night and it seems all is right for now. Seriously, it will never, ever work if he doesn’t get my warped sense of humor! The boy needs to understand he is not just dating my daughter but the entire family!

  4. mad hatter tosha...

     /  December 11, 2009

    ROFLMAO!!! Really.. I couldn’t help but laugh..

    My youngest daughter is going to nursing homes on monday to sing. She said she was nervous b/c she doesnt want to mess up on the lil dance moves they do. She’s extremely clumsy though.

    I too have turned into my mother only i’m much cooler b/c I have blue hair.. 7 yo says so.. so it must be a fact..

    you know.. smart asses often create lil smartasses..Oldest dd is my major smartass..

    The priest.. Omg I spit tea out at that..

  5. OMG….you flipped off your priest? bwahahahahahahaha… that’s just funny! LOL

  6. OMG, your priest!!!! Too stinking funny! Maybe he’ll learn to drive better though!
    One time I was sitting at a red light and when it turned green I started moving forward. But the cars coming from the other direction wouldn’t stop and I was like, “What the hell is going on?” So I forced my way into the traffic and when one of the cars honked at me, I too flipped them off. Then I realized I’d pushed my way into a funeral procession and I was stuck with them for a couple of miles ! I’m still embarrassed!

  7. Are you serious? Serious about the priest? OMG! I’ll say some Hail Mary’s for ya girl! LOL

    I think it’s wonderful that you told the lady about getting the book $15- cheaper somewhere else, that’s a lotta dough and if it makes you more like your mom- hells yes! That’s cool! I cannot believe you joked to your daughter’s b/f like that and he got mad, ROFLMAO- you have such a great sense of humor! Sounds like you passed that on to the younger one who doesn’t want applesauce thrown at her in the old folks home- again, ROFLMAO!

  8. LOL! Don’t worry about your priest. He’s a priest. He has to forgive you!


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