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A Christmas Story

Chinese Restaurant Scene


Question of the week: What do you have for Christmas dinner?

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  1. We will be having a ham dinner with all the fixins here at my house.

  2. We are celebrating on Sat with part of our family and we are having a big pot of Paul’s homemade chow mein. It’s so easy. We can make it all ahead of time and there’s nothing to do at the “last minute” and we can all enjoy. For our kids and us on Christmas, sometimes we have prime rib sometimes ham. We change it up to something we haven’t had during the holidays yet.

  3. Well, I do a lot of cooking during the holidays, depending on what house we are in and who is coming over. I have a lot of friends who are vegans, so it makes it kind of hard to have all the tradition stuff! I have fun mixing things up…and it usually tastes great! 🙂

  4. We have dinner at my sister’s house. We always have a turkey and a leg of lamb, roasted onions, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, oyster casserole, creamed onions, another vegetable ( a different one every year), and biscuits. We usually have pies for dessert.

    This year I have to get up at some insane hour to cook the turkey in time to catch the ferry boat at Noon to get to my sister’s. We are taking the car off because we will have so much food and presents to bring with us.

    This is our first Christmas on the island.

    • I am sure that getting up at an insane hour to cook will be well worth it! I’ll be thinking of you while I sleep! 🙂

  5. I’m making dinner this year, and I’m having a ham and my fattening asiago cheese potato casserole.

    By the way, I love love love that scene and that movie. I watch it more than once every Christmas!

    If i don’t make it back before then (And, I’m a slacker, so it could happen) have a great Christmas!

  6. chicken soup with cabbage, potatoes, onions, banana and corn

    it’s called “nilaga” in my country and the english term for that is “boiled”

    you should try it!


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