I Blinked…Christmas Is Over!

It seems like I blinked and then Christmas was over. Why does it always take so long to prepare for Christmas and then POOF it’s all over in the blink of an eye?!

I told my girls if they woke me up before 6am Christmas morning that I would not be help responsible for their safety! They were nice and woke me up at 6:05! Even my husband was awake which is a Christmas miracle all on its own! I vaguely remember getting a cup of coffee and sitting on the couch and the next thing I knew they had opened everything! 

My kids enjoyed their presents which consisted mostly of board games and clothes this year. My husband and I agreed that the grill we recently bought was our Christmas present. My daughters bought me a little Elmo figurine and a pretty Snowflake necklace. My mother-in-law bought me a coffee cup that I swear holds 6 cups of coffee! I love it!

My husband gave the family the best present of all and he stopped drinking. He has been sober for 9 days now and I have high hopes that he will continue to stay sober. 

Now it’s on to the New Year, 2010, New Year Resolutions! This year I am giving up blinking for my New Year Resolution! Well that and I am seriously making a resolution to lose 30 pounds! Do you think if I blink that maybe the weight would come off as easy as it did going on?!

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  1. Christmas did go quickly! Sounds like you had a great holiday!
    Our girlies woke up at 7am, so I was presently surprised at how much sleep we got.

  2. LOL – I said *presently*! Meant *pleasantly*, but it was a present. Hahaha.

  3. Tasneem R

     /  December 29, 2009

    Wow you have got nice gifts…specially the one given by your hubby..!!
    enjoy and have great year ahead.. ! :
    One of my new year’s resolution is to grow my hair long …:)

  4. Once you start tearing into those gifts, it does go pretty quick. It does seem like all it takes is a blink. I’m so praying for the sobriety. That’s really the important one right now. Good luck with the weight too. Man, how I wish we lived close enough to work out together. I’m sure we’d have a lot of laughs all the while! If the blinking works for the weight, please blink my way.

  5. Christmas seems to come and go quicker and quicker every year. I know EXACTLY what you mean.

    What a nice gift your husband is giving you and your girls this year. That’s AWESOME! I wish him all the luck in the world!!

    If you figure out a way to blink your eyes and have the weight disappear, PLEASE share how it’s done with the rest of us. LOL


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