I Know You Are, But What Am I?

Last night my youngest daughter opened the door to her big sister’s room to say good night and I hear the older one scream “Jesus, you scared the crap out of me!” My younger daughter was laughing like crazy! I followed into my oldest daughter’s room a minute later and I handed her a wad of toilet paper. She looked at me funny and I finally said “I thought you might need this to clean up your crap that got scared out of you!” This made my little one fall to the floor in laughter! My older daughter was not amused and she said “You are so immature!” Upon leaving the older, mature daughter’s room my little one gave me a high five and I stuck my tongue out at my oldest daughter!

This morning I did what any good mother would do and I made my oldest daughter’s lunch. I normally do not make her lunch anymore, she makes her own. But I thought I would be nice for a change. I even put a nice little note in there for her! It said:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Enjoy your sandwich,
I spit on it just for you!

That should teach her to call me immature!

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  1. OMG!!! You are wonderful. Poor A.

  2. I must say…you are quite clever! Way to be! 🙂

  3. moodswingmabel

     /  January 9, 2010

    I love it gf! “You are soooooo immature!” ROFLMAO! This my dear, is awesome! “totally!” *wink*

  4. For an added bonus when she came home she pulled the note out of her pocket, put it on the cabinet and said “See this is what i’m talking about!”
    I could tell by her hidden smirk she really appreciates my immaturity! 🙂

  5. Tasneem R

     /  January 11, 2010

    o my god what a naughty mom you are ! ha ha ha

  6. youre the coolest mom ever!

  7. LOVE this post! Sounds like one of my son’s! LIGHTEN UP FRANCIS!! LOL

  8. LMAO!!!! oh your house sounds just like ours!!! LOVE IT!

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