Science Fair Projects

It’s that time of year again, the dreaded Science Fair time! I always hated doing science fair projects when I was a kid. The only thing worse than having to do a science fair project is to have to “help” your child do one!

My oldest daughter was easy. She hated doing the stupid things as much as I did! We would buy some kind of science kit (one year we had a kit that grew crystals), follow the instructions and write it down on a poster board and be done with it! Instant passing grade!

My youngest daughter, well not so easy! She loves doing science projects and she even tries to win the stupid science fair! In the past her science fair projects have been:

  • 1st grade ~ Which brand of micro waved popcorn pops the quickest?
  • 2nd grade ~ Which brand of chewing gum keeps its flavor the longest?
  • 3rd grade ~  Which brand of micro waved popcorn pops the quickest? (she was pissed at me for weeks because I made her do the same project over!)
  • 4th grade ~ Will a seed that has been frozen grow?

This year she wants to do her project on: What type of liquid will a seed grow better in? I told her she might want to pick something a little easier for us to do. She informed me that it wasn’t OUR project, it’s HER project!

Well, stick that in a pot and water it with soda then!

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  1. My son did that one. He compared coffee with tea. Not bad, huh?

  2. Gah mooooooom! (rolls eyes).

    Sydney and (ahem) I did homemade cleaning solutions vs. store bought ones. Which ones cleaned better? It was actually interesting! She got honorable mention. They actually did work just as good. 🙂

  3. LOL!!! Well it looks like if you’re not “invited” to help out, you’re finally done with your science projects!!!

  4. Tasneem R

     /  February 3, 2010

    Well one of your daughter will surely grow up to become a scientist ! Well as a kid I was never too fond of science until grade 6.

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