Life With A Job

I am on week two with having a job and let me tell you I am actually starting to love the two days that I go to work! It does not sound like much just working two days a week but my family is learning a lot!

My husband is having to adjust to picking up my youngest daughter from school and making sure she gets her homework done. He is also having to deal with my oldest daughter when she comes home from school. He called me 4 times within 10 minutes the other day! I did not answer his calls, I made him leave me a voicemail. This is what his calls were about:

  • Can the oldest one get on the internet to do a school project?
  • Do I want the dishwasher ran?
  • What are you planning for dinner? I don’t see anything taken out!
  • Can the youngest go outside and play when her homework is done?

I called him back when I was on my way home, about 2 hours after he left the messages. He was a bit pissed with me because I didn’t return his calls immediately. I told him no one was on their way to the emergency room so I didn’t feel the need to cal him back. Then I told him we would talk when I got home.

When I got home I informed him that he was not a baby-sitter he was a parent and as such he was going to have to make some minor parental judgements. Umm, if the dishwasher is full turn it on! If the kid needs the internet for homework let her use it! If the kid is done with her homework let her go out and play! As for dinner, well I have never let my family go hungry yet!

The kids have complained to me a little bit as well. My youngest does not like the way her Dad hovers over her while she does her homework. Then when she asks him for help he does not explain things on a 5th grade level. For example they are learning division, in 5th grade they have remainders. Well Dad was trying to teach her how to add a decimal point and continue working it out!

When my oldest daughter comes home from school I let her go to her room and decompress for about a half hour before I say anything to her. Dad decides to ask her 5 million questions the second she walks in the door and then he wonders why she snaps at him!

Yesterday, I came home from work an hour early. My husband was upstairs in his office working and both of my daughters were on the couch and they looked exhausted. My oldest daughter said if you ever go full-time I am going to kill you!

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  1. joz1234

     /  February 24, 2010

    How funny! They sure don’t realize how much you do for them until you are not home to do it! I bet you didn’t even realize some of it. I’m convinced my husband would go nuts if I wasn’t home anymore to take care of things.

  2. I’d laugh if men weren’t so pathetic sometimes. I mean really, how dumb were those questions. Especially when you’re at work. Man up man!!! I do love the comment, if you ever go full time I am going to kill you!! LOL!!

    Are you enjoying it for the most part?

    • I have to say I love working. I forgot how much I really like what I do. I know I am weird I find accounting fun! The best part is the people I work for and with are really good.

      • Sometimes it’s just nice to be with people other than your family for a while. I miss getting out like that too.

  3. moodswing mabel

     /  February 25, 2010

    Heeee-Heeeee-Heeeeee! Most excellent mom 😉 I love this! It’s nice to have people step back and realize what is missed when you are gone for just a bit. I’m really happy that your new job is going so well! Really happy for you {{HUGS}} xoxoxo

  4. Nikki

     /  February 25, 2010

    LOL this post made me laugh and I am so glad I came here! MEN! I swear they think they know it all until the mom leaves! Then it’s like they lose their brains! If they stopped for a second and listened to the questions they were asking they might feel kinda dumb! LOL Maybe you should call him and ask all of those questions when he is at work. Maybe then he will hear how stupid they are!!!! BUT at least he is trying, some men would just let their kids do whatever the heck they want. Play video games all night, let them eat whatever they want. Good luck!!!!!
    That last comment from your oldest is hilarious!!! Maybe they will appreciate you more, nothing wrong with that! LOL Maybe I should try that!

  5. This is sweet! They miss you. 🙂 I am glad Dad is learning the ropes and seeing all you do. I love how you are enjoying work. 🙂 That’s nice to hear. I have a lot of complainers at my job.

  6. Husbands/Dads – how funny they are! It must feel good to be missed. I’m not sure anyone in my house would even notice if I was gone.

    Congratulations on the new job!

  7. Don’t let your coworkers on your FB page or know about your blog…then you won’t be able to vent. You’llllll be sorrrrrrrry! Hahaha!

    Congrats again on the new job and guess what? sometimes mom’s gotta work. We’re (us moms) great at feeling guilty and carrying the load for everything, but your family will surprise themselves at what they can do on their own without your guidance. It’s called adapt and overcome. Oh and ah, “mamas got a brand new bag, how bout someone make her dinner!” Everyone will adjust.


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