Hodgepodge (plural hodgepodges):  A collection of miscellaneous things; a jumble.
The above describes my life perfectly the last few weeks! My life has truly been a hodgepodge lately! So in keeping with my hodgepodge life I figured I would write a hodgepodge post!
I like the word hodgepodge, can you tell?
  • A few weeks ago we did our outside Spring Cleaning. We pulled weeds for hours upon hours. We even planted a new pear tree in our backyard. 

With all this cleaning up of the yard and flower beds we decided that we needed to give our old buddy Weeder Gnome a new friend. So we found Raker Gnome and added him to our pathetic little flower bed in the backyard.

Now I want to find or make a wooden sign that says: The Good, The Bad and The Gnomely!

  • With Spring comes Spring Break which my 2 girls had last week. The girls and I actually went to the beach one day with some friends of mine. Yes, I actually have friends! It was windy, about 70 degrees and the water was cold at about 63 degrees! My youngest daughter and I were the only two brave enough to go into the water! When we got to the beach we found a leftover sand sculpture from the day before.

Since we had a few little ones with us we decided to move just a little bit further on down the beach away from any leftover sand sculptures!

  • My youngest daughter has been working on a Science Fair Project for the past few weeks. She decided to see which type of liquid a seed would grow better in. She planted sunflower seeds in 4 pots and watered them with tap water, coffee, vinegar and Sprite. Well we have a winner: Coffee made the sunflower seeds sprout the fastest. Tap water came in 2 days later. Sprite grew mold but nothing else and vinegar didn’t do a darn thing

I did not help her at all with her project unless you count paying for the materials and the photos to be printed helping!

  • Along with all the above hodgepodge I have had to juggle softball practice, softball games, work, prom shopping, choir concerts, etc. The list goes on and on. And I wouldn’t want it any other way!
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  1. I MISS YOU. Man, I really do. For the last two years we’ve talked everyday and now you’ve been gone so much. I’m whining aren’t I?? Well, to bad!! LOL!!!

    That is so interesting about the coffee. I wonder what it was about that that nurtured the seed. I would have thought the tap water would have won. I wonder other than sprouting first, if they will harvest different. How long does this experiment go on?

    I’m so envious of you guys that have spring already. I have the fever really bad but the yard is still just to wet to go out in it and do much. I’ve been out a lot with Maddie on her leash. She loves rolling around in the sand. She’s look good with your gnomes. “The Good, The Bad and The Gnomely!” You crack me up!!!

    • Joy ~ Do you want some cheese with your whine! 😉
      I am just an e-mail away!
      The experiment is over as far as the school goes but she keeps watering the plants with the coffee and the tap water. The tap water has caught up growth wise and they look alike to me.

  2. You’re an interesting person and reading this post was such you… I too wonder about the coffee, I would’ve predicted only tap water helped. Thank your little one for teaching me something new

  3. S. Le

     /  March 26, 2010

    I love jumble sales! Perhaps I should call them hodgepodge sales now?
    1. lovely tree
    2. careful, gnomes multiply. Don’t know how though since most are male.
    3. Oh my!
    4. Caffeine makes everything faster!


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