Video & Question Of The Week

Dudley’s Shake an Egg Commercial (1981)


Question of the week: Do you still color Easter Eggs?

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  1. Maybe this family should start painting them, we only buy the chocolate ones and eat them

  2. That video is so cute. I’m still smiling I haven’t colored Easter Eggs in year watching this makes me want to color eggs right now! Navar would be surprised when he came home OK time for an Easter egg hunt. I may just have to do that. Hmmm

  3. How fun. I remember these. I have my eggs on boiling now. I haven’t decided if I’ll dye them alone tonight or wait for the kids on Sunday. The only problem with Sunday will be all the other stuff going on.

    Oh, to answer the question. I YES. I still do.

  4. We, I mean my girls will color eggs tomorrow and then we we will color more on Sunday up at my in-laws house.
    Even if I didn’t have kids I would probably still dye Easter Eggs!

  5. I LOVE THIS CUTE VIDEO> You have a talent for finding all of the good ones for us! Thanks! Hope all is well and you all had a joyous Easter celebration. 🙂


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