Peeved, PMS, or Just Old & Cranky…

Or maybe it’s a deadly combination of all three!!!! It seems like lately I have a very short fuse and everybody around me has a damn match!

  • Toilet paper ~I swear I must be the only person in my house and at work who knows how to change the stupid toilet paper! If it’s empty change it! If it’s almost gone go get another roll and put it on the tank lid.
  • Trash Cans ~ If the kitchen trash can is full take it out! Remove the full bag, tie it up and place it in the outside can. Then get a new bag and place it in the kitchen can! Do not keep stuffing it down and hoping that nothing will fall out! Which brings me to my next bullet point…
  • Kitchen Floor ~ If you drop something on the floor PICK IT UP!! Do not ignore it and walk away and hope that it learns how to walk into the trash can! That broom in the pantry likes to be used and it also comes with a handy-dandy dust pan!
  • The Carpet ~ Just like the Kitchen floors..If you drop it, pick it up! Or better yet grab that machine called the vacuum cleaner that is kept in the hall closet!
  • Dishes ~ If they are clean they belong in the cabinets. If they are dirty they belong in the dishwasher!
  • Stuff ~ If you bring it downstairs from your room, make sure it goes back up to your room by the end of the day!

I apologise for my slight mental breakdown. I will now go pop 2 Midol and see you in the morning! Or wait do I need a Xanax? Or maybe I just need a good old-fashioned dose of Geritol!

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  1. Sometimes s*** just gets to ya.

  2. Well….I understand. When you are too good at something and others are not as good….you get stuck doing it all! It is just faster and easier. 🙂 So, then everyone expects it…all the time! 🙂 Take a break and have lunch with a friend. It helps me! 🙂

  3. mad hatter tosha...

     /  April 9, 2010

    we’ve been going through this too.. These kids are about to drive me bonkers. It’s worse since i babysit now. I feel like the clutter is caving in on me and i can’t get ahead.

  4. Geritol! Funny I haven’t heard that word in awhile. sigh Life Here’s a big hug. ;+) LOL actually when I’m in one of “those” moods the last thing I want is a Hug. So I take that back and reserve it for later. Nice work on your list. I saw a lady go on strike, she sat in her yard with a sign and refused to go into the house until things changed. It was on the news.

  5. Aaww it might be worth it, grab a tent, a couple of books, snacks well you would probably need a pee bucket and that would be gross so well never mind.

  6. Here, have a hug. My misery loves company. It’s the same stuff I rant and rave about all the time.


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