Go Ahead And Laugh…

Sunday morning started out great for me: I slept in till 9 am, I stepped on the scale and noticed that I lost weight, the weather was awesome, it was just a great start to a great day! I figured I would get some exercise in by going for a bike ride.

That’s when my great day ended! I took off on my bike and made it out about 2 1/2 miles away from my house when I noticed that my right pedal had a bit of a wobble going on.

*Just to note my husband was nice enough to replace my pedals about 2 weeks ago. He can be so sweet!

Ok, so I noticed the wobble in my pedal and I stopped to check it out. It was a bit loose and I tried to tighten it by hand but I had no luck. I thought no big deal, I’ll just check it out when I get home. So off I took on my bike, homeward bound.

I wanted to pick up the speed a bit so I stood up to pedal the bike. That’s when it happened! My right foot pushed down on the right pedal and the damn pedal broke! Now remember I am standing up pedaling. The pedal broke, I went over the handle bars hitting the pavement and in slow motion I could see the bike coming over on top of me!

I sat there on the bike trail for a minute and then I just started laughing. I got up to survey the damage to the bike and then myself. The bike was alright except for the broken pedal and I figured I was alright since I was able to jump up and move. I looked at my right knee and it was scrapped up really good. If I was ten years old I would be proud of my new battle wound!

I figured I needed to get home, which was 2 1/2 miles away, and tend to my poor wounded knee. I could walk home while pushing my bike. That would make sense right? Of course it would but that’s not what I did! No, not me! I ride my one pedal bike home with blood dripping down mt leg! I passed by one little girl who looked at me and said “EWW Gross!”

I made it home and I pulled into my garage where I flipped my bike upside down and fixed my damn pedal! Then I tightened up the other pedal as well. I put my bike back where it belonged and walked into the house. My oldest daughter was still sleeping, my husband was upstairs on the computer and my youngest daughter was watching television. My youngest daughter looked at me and said “Oh my God! What happened to you? Are you OK?” I told her I was fine I just fell off my bike. My husband heard this and said NOTHING!

I went into my bathroom and took a shower. When I got out of the shower that’s when I noticed that I not only ripped apart my right knee but I had some other wounds as well. I learned that when you fall off a bike at the age of 39 you bruise a heck of a lot faster than you did when you were 10! My left thigh and my left knee had bruises the size of cantaloupes on them! My right elbow was also bruised and swelling up. Then when I went to reach for my towel to dry off I felt a pain in my right side. I apparently nailed my ribs on my fall!

I got bandaged up my knee and got dressed. I walked out into the living room and my husband came down stairs. This is about 30 minutes after he found out that I fell off my bike. He says, “Holy Shit! Are you OK?” I told him I was fine and that nothing really hurt except my pride and my ribs!

Today is Wednesday I am limping around and I am in severe need of sleep! I keep waking up every time I move or my husband moves in the bed! My ribs still hurt! They hurt when I breathe, sneeze, hiccup, burp, move or laugh. My youngest daughter keeps looking at me and laughing which makes me laugh which then makes my ribs hurt and then she laughs harder! It’s a vicious cycle!

Even my co-workers were laughing at me while I was at work! They thought it was funny as hell to watch me try and get up out of my chair so they kept calling me out into the plant about every 15 minutes yesterday! I told them payback was hell!

But go ahead and laugh! It is just down right funny to think of a 39 year old woman falling off her bike!

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  1. I know when you put this on Facebook after I knew you were okay, I laughed but I had NO idea it was something like this. That the pedal came off. I feel so bad for you. You could have really been seriously hurt.

    How nice of your husband indeed…….

  2. You should get checked out. You might have a fractured rib. In any event I hope you are okay. You just never know when accidents will happen.

    • Thanks Sherri. My ribs are doing better today. I don’t do doctors well so unless I HAVE to go it’s not gonna happen! I did wrap my ribs per the advice of my mother-in-law who is a nurse. 😉

  3. AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwww Shoot. Sounds painful. I understand the falling thing. A couple Birthdays back I decided I wanted to go roller skating at a rink. I was having so much fun until a kid came wizzzzzing by me and I fell. Just once but boy did it hurt. I remember falling as a kid and hardly noticed. Hope your feeling better ribs can be so painful .

  4. I’m not laughing, I’m cringing! I’m so sorry you fell off your bike. Hubby needs a swift kick in the ass for 1) sabotaging your peddle and 2) not getting off the computer to check on you.

  5. You have the right attitude in life! Keep a smile on that face and enjoy every day! Thank you for your support. My Mom is getting better. 🙂

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