Falling Off The Wagon

Two and a half weeks ago I had a little accident and I am sure I cracked at least one rib.I have been trying to take it easy on myself since.  I tried exercising once last week and I thought I was going to DIE! Every time I tried to breathe my ribs shot a pain through me that was worse than child-birth or even kidney stones, both of which I have endured more than once!

After that I said SCREW IT! I started hitting the sauce again. I know, I should have been stronger than that but I caved in. Maybe I should have called some one for help to talk me down, but I didn’t.

I have been hitting the sauce pretty hard too. I have had a nice cold one almost every night since I caved in.

Wednesday we took our boat out and went fishing and my ribs felt pretty good. They are still a little tender, but not bad. Yesterday and today I even managed to ride my bike again. I made it the entire 5 miles and I felt great afterwards. It’s amazing how good exercise makes me feel!

So now I must stop hitting the sauce. It will be a hard battle but I have done it before and I can do it again. I think I gained 10 pounds on my little down fall but I will shed that pretty quick I am sure.

So as of tonight I will NOT have my ICE CREAM and CHOCOLATE SAUCE!!

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  1. You can do it. I know you can. You’re a very strong person. I hate the thought of you having to go through this again. If you need to talk, you know where I am.

  2. HA! HA! While I was reading that I was thinking that the only sauce I love is pizza sauce on a nice big piece dough. I was feeling sorry for you thinking you were having the other kind of sauce ( nice cold beer, only a little too much of it). So it’s the chocolate sauce you’re having a problem with. How about just the ice cream and no sauce.

  3. Oh, THAT sauce! No wonder you feel good.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day…
    Eat whatever you like.

  5. Hook Line and Sinker. Chocolate Sauce. I agree the nice thing about not exercising is those wonderful easy endorphins. In fact I’m do for an endorphin high again soon, as I have not been exercising.

  6. Man, you had me fooled…lol. Nice one! 🙂


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