Just Another Day At The Zoo..

I love playing “What If” with my kiddos. My youngest one likes to play with me as well. My oldest one gets VERY FREAKED out which just adds fuel to fire!

The other day I took my daughters to the Zoo. We were walking around by the elephants when I decided to say, “What If… the animals were really watching us instead of us watching them? You know, what if WE are the exhibits?”

Freaked my oldest one out beyond belief. We even had the elephant zookeeper laughing at us! Then my youngest daughter points to a sign that was right next to us:

The other thing my oldest daughter hates is Gnomes! I love my Gnomes. Believe it or not at the Zoo we found not only one but two Gnomes!!

The first Gnome was found in the Reptile exhibit. He was cute and very cheerful and luckily for me there was no snake in the exhibit with him at the time! I hate snakes!!


The second Gnome was found in the Bird exhibit. We found him in an exhibit that was being worked on. I love this little guy! He has pure evil written all over his face. I can almost hear his evil chuckle. Oh, wait, I think that is my inner evil chuckle I am hearing! Can’t you just picture this little guy picking up the hammer that is near him and doing some major damage around him?

I love the Zoo!

I Have Rights!!

Last week my oldest daughter turned 18. She is finally an adult, at least in age. This fall she will be a Senior in High School and hopefully she will go on to college after that. I have told her I will not pay for driver’s education until she gets a job and all summer she has dragged her butt on that front! Needless to say she has no driver’s license yet!

Since she has turned the magic number 18 she thinks she can do whatever, with whomever and whenever she wants. When I tell her I don’t want certain friends over she throws a hissy fit. When I tell her I’m not driving her somewhere she throws a hissy fit. I swear she turned back time and is going through the Terrible 2’s again!! 

When she throws her little hissy fits she claims “I’m 18! I can move out if I want! I have rights now!” I usually just laugh and walk away.

The other day she caught me on a bad day when she pulled that crap. I told her “You are right. You have rights now. But I also have rights now! I have the right to charge you rent. I have the right to charge you for food. I have the right to charge you for gas. I have the right to charge you part of the phone, cable and internet bills!”

She has not said much to me since then. I think she got the message loud and clear. Either that or she is silently plotting my demise!

Camping Trip

Last summer due to financial reasons we did not get to go camping. This year, after saying that I would go by myself, we said the hell with it and we took off for four days of camping.

Now mind you when I say camping, I mean renting a 5 man cabin by the lake. The cabin was basically just a bedroom, it had two sets of bunk beds that sleeps 5 people and the ever needed in Texas Air Conditioner! It had a picnic table outside and a grill to cook on.

Getting all of our camping stuff and getting packed up only took us one day this year. For us this is good! I like the fact that since the girls are older I had it a little bit easier this time around. Since they are almost 11 and 18 years old I figured if they didn’t pack it they didn’t need it!

The first day we got there we unloaded our stuff into the cabin and took off into town to go shopping for food. If you have never shopped with your husband and your kids together you are lucky! I was ready to kill all three of them and just go home after shopping with them! Next time I will go shopping by myself or stay at the cabin! My husband got sticker shock in the store and tried to redo our entire meal plan! Um, NO! The plan is the plan!

We got back to camp cooked dinner and then hit the lake for some much-needed rest and relaxation!

Day 2 started with me having to ask my husband how to make coffee in our antique camping coffee pot! He finds it amusing that I never remember how to use the stupid thing. I think my mental block is kept up in hopes that one morning he will get up and make me coffee! Hey I can dream!

After I learned how to make coffee I went on to cook breakfast in our antique non-stick electric skillet! The only problem with our skillet is that after some 30 years of use it is no longer non-stick! It was loads of fun trying to clean bacon and eggs out of it with only cold water and a scrubber.

After having all the fun I could stand cleaning up after breakfast I once again hit the lake to swim. My oldest does not like lakes that much so I had a blast tipping her out of her tire tube float and dragging her into the grassy areas!

At night we tried to fish but we had no luck. We went back to our cabin and started a camp fire. We of course made S’mores and burned plenty of marshmallows!

On day 3 we decided to splurge a little, ok a lot, and we rented a pontoon boat for 5 hours. We had an absolute blast on that thing! My youngest daughter and I kept swimming under the boat. The water looked flourescent green and we could see the fish swimming around. We thought it was awesome. My oldest daughter tried it once and freaked out! My husband managed to catch himself a Bass which he has never done on this lake.

The best part of the boat was jumping off of it into the lake. Even my oldest was having a blast jumping into the lake at least until her dad asked if she had seen the latest episode of River Monsters! I even treated my girls and my husband to an extra special treat: I did a front flip off the boat and into the water. You should have seen their faces, it was priceless!  Needless to say we slept well after playing so hard!

On day 4 we woke up to rain. It was actually perfect timing because we were heading out that morning anyway!

Have No Fear… Just A Mom Is Here!

Wow! I can’t believe I have not posted anything since May 20th! It has been way to long! I am alive and well. Many thanks to those of you who asked about me.

I took a break from blogging for a few reasons. I guess you could say I have been a bit depressed in the past 2 months. My husband is back to drinking which has been a big thorn in my side. I love it when he comes home and tells me about how great his AA meeting was and you can smell the beer on him.

Remember my biking accident back in April? Well that little accident did me in pretty darn good! I was not able to exercise probably up until 3 weeks ago so I ended up gaining a bunch of my weight back. My ribs are still bugging me but I am now working through the pain. As of today I am not eating any sugar as well, let my diet begin!! 

One of the main reasons I took a break from blogging was that I felt as though I had nothing to contribute to the blogging community. I felt like I was starting to complain too much and that is not what I want to do.

 I will continue to blog because I like it! I am going to make a few changes to the way I blog. Before my little break my blog was feeling more like a chore to me. I felt like I had to have a new post at least once a week. From now on I will post something when I feel like I want to!

Life has not been all down and out for me this summer and I will definitely post more about the good stuff probably next week.