I Have Rights!!

Last week my oldest daughter turned 18. She is finally an adult, at least in age. This fall she will be a Senior in High School and hopefully she will go on to college after that. I have told her I will not pay for driver’s education until she gets a job and all summer she has dragged her butt on that front! Needless to say she has no driver’s license yet!

Since she has turned the magic number 18 she thinks she can do whatever, with whomever and whenever she wants. When I tell her I don’t want certain friends over she throws a hissy fit. When I tell her I’m not driving her somewhere she throws a hissy fit. I swear she turned back time and is going through the Terrible 2’s again!! 

When she throws her little hissy fits she claims “I’m 18! I can move out if I want! I have rights now!” I usually just laugh and walk away.

The other day she caught me on a bad day when she pulled that crap. I told her “You are right. You have rights now. But I also have rights now! I have the right to charge you rent. I have the right to charge you for food. I have the right to charge you for gas. I have the right to charge you part of the phone, cable and internet bills!”

She has not said much to me since then. I think she got the message loud and clear. Either that or she is silently plotting my demise!

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  1. It’s me, “Mable” “JavaQueen” “Lumpy” – Ok, this is funny. You had a great come back. I love it! I remember how unbelievable immature I was at 18…. once, I was so sassy at that age, my mom slapped me right in the face. We both looked shocked. LOL!

    • Welcome back!! I have to say that my oldest and I are in a MAJOR BATTLE of wills right now! One of these days she will realize that I am always right and that she should just suck it up and be nice! 😉

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