A Little Bit Of Everything

This post is going to be about a little bit of everything going on right now. Now, where to start, where to start?

High School = High Money

My oldest daughter is a Senior at or local public high school. She started back to school on August 23rd. She is taking English, Math, Government, Forensics (Science), P.E., Choir, and her Veterinary Technician class. I do not have a problem with a few fees here and there but this year has been the worse I have ever seen. I feel like I am being nickeled and dimed to death! I totally understand the Vet Tech class is a special program and has special fees but something has to give here! This is what I have shelled out to our local high school so far:

  • $25 General Vet Tech Fee (includes FFA membership)
  • $23 Scrubs for Vet Tech
  • $20 P.E. Gym Clothes
  • $20 General Choir Fee
  • Total out of Pocket so far: $88
  • $65 CVA (Certified Vet. Asst.) Test Fee due Oct 1
  • $47 SAT Test for College due in Nov.
  • $48 ACT Test for College due in Nov.
  • Total Upcoming Fees: $160

Grand total for Fees: $248!!! This does not even count for regular school supplies and classroom supplies! Don’t even mention Homecoming, Senior Pictures, Senior Cap & Gown, Yearbook, or Prom to me right now!!!


Every summer we try to go to at least one concert. Last year due to financial reasons we did not get to do this. This year I am making up for it! When we go to concerts we choose ones that are at an outdoor arena called the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. We bring a big blanket and sit in the Lawn Area. It’s a great experience!



This weekend I am going to see John Mayer in concert with Owl City as the opening act. This concert started out as just a mother/oldest daughter concert. Then a few weeks ago when I kicked oldest daughter out of the house I offered to take the lady she stayed with as well as her daughter to the concert for all of their trouble. Then my youngest daughter piped up and wanted to go as well! So now our mother/daughter adventure has turned into a bit of a party! I am looking forward to this concert so much!

The following weekend I am taking my daughters and my youngest daughter’s friend to go see the Jonas Brothers with Demi Lovato/Camp Rock in concert. I am actually looking forward to this concert as well. I am getting a total kick out of the excitement my youngest daughter and her friend have! I am dragging my oldest daughter along as payback for the hell she has put me through in the past few weeks!

More Work Changes

Yesterday the owner of the company I work for called me into her office and asked me if I would be willing to work 2 more days a week. She would like to train me on some of her work so that she can semi-retire. I jumped at the opportunity! This puts me at 5 days a week at about 30 hours. I will still get off work in time to pick up my youngest daughter from school which is awesome!

This also puts me at a comfort level with my home-life issues. I am now in a position to make it on my own if I have to. The weight this lifts off my shoulders is immense! I now have the power!!!!!

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  1. I thought we paid for all this school stuff with our taxes. Oh, I forgot, they have to take about 50% of our tax money and flush it down the toilet. I hope you have a great time at the concerts. Oh, and it really is wonderful to “HAVE THE POWER”.

    • Joan ~ Don’t even get me started with my taxes!! I only send one kid to public school the other one goes to private school so she can get the basics down before we have to switch her to public High School. My private 6th grader is studying a lot of the same thing as my public Senior! I am not even joking!

  2. Senior year killed us with our oldest too. I think because he was involved in sports and the youngest wasn’t. Toby worked almost full time in high school so he didn’t have “hidden” charges. By the time you get to prom, rings, gowns…..it’s not even over. It’s pretty awful I know. I’m really glad she’s getting the vet experience though. Is that what she wants to do “when she grows up.”

    Have a great time at the concerts. I personally wish John Mayer would get hit by a bus but that’s just my ugly opinion this morning. Do your girls have Bieber Fever? We have it around here.

    Way to go on the job front. That’s wonderful news for you. Independence is a wonderful thing. Even if you never need to use it, it’s there and you know it. Does this mean we’ll be seeing even less of you? *boo-hiss*

    • My oldest has been taking Vet classes since Freshman year. She wanted to be a full Vet, but then reality hit. They have to go through more schooling than regular doctors! Now she is content with just being a Vet Technichan which is similar to a nurse.
      We luckily do not have Bieber Fever here! My oldest is too old for him and my youngest thinks he gay! Her words, not mine! As for Mayer, well, you can have your opinion and I’ll have mine! 😉 I like his Pop stuff but let me tell you the guy can play the Blues like no one else. (Just my little opinion)
      The job front might mean I will be hit and miss but I will try my best to stick around.

      • I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry. I’ve felt bad since I wrote it. I don’t really know much about him but it’s his personal life that I don’t care for. I don’t think it’s nice to kiss and tell and write songs about sleeping with women. For that reason, I don’t really listen to him. But, to each our own and I hope you have a super good time.

  3. Good news on the job front that is great! Nice when you feel free and can make your own money. Have fun at the concert sounds like fun for everyone. Glad the older daughter things seem to be simmering down a bit. I can’t even imagaine the money of prom dress and all of that.


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