I’m Back….

Wow, the last time I posted to this site was Thanksgiving of last year! I am totally shocked! This will be a catch up post and hopefully I will get back into the swing of this blogging thing. I can’t promise a daily post but I am aiming for at least a weekly post.

So here goes my little recap of the last almost year.


Not much new on this front. I am still married and he is still an active alcoholic. We have our good days and we have our bad days. We have basically become housemates and that is about it. Sad, I know but for now it works. For how long it works I don’t know. I struggle with that on a daily basis.

Daughter #1 ~ My Oldest

My oldest daughter has definitely given me a run for my money this past year. She was actually doing pretty good in school last year, her Senior year, until we hit Spring Break. Up until then she was working part-time at a restaurant on the weekends, interning at a Vet Clinic for her High School Vet Tech class, and getting pretty good grades at school. I do not know what the heck happened, but after Spring Break she snapped. She thought she would just drop out of High School with almost 2 months of school left. She quit her restaurant job and was going to work full-time at the Vet Clinic. This lasted about two weeks until the Truant Officer, the County Judge and myself got ahold of her. In Texas once you hit 18 you can quit school but if you have already started a semester you are held responsible to finish out that semester of face a $585 fine and Community Service Hours. The judge told her if she went back to school and graduated she would drop all charges against her. My oldest  ended up going back to school, quit her job, and barely graduated High School. 

Her next plan was to get a job and  go to a Community College in the Fall. Well once she graduated High School she flipped out again. She thought since she was done with High School she could come and go as she pleased in my house without any regard to the rest of us who live here. We were fighting on a daily basis about her getting a job and about her getting her paperwork in order to start school. In July she managed to get a job, we got her a car and she was doing good once again. And once again she flipped because she did not like my house rules. This time she decided to move in with her boyfriend/fiance and his family. She has only known him since May. They got “engaged” after a month. She tried to get a transfer from her work to be closer to her new home but somehow it all got messed up and now she is unemployed. She also decided to take a semester off from school.

We are actually doing better since she moved out. I worry about her daily but she is no longer my responsibility.

Daughter #2 ~ My Youngest

My youngest daughter is doing very good. She has put up with a ton of crap with all of the fighting between my oldest daughter and having her dad come home drunk every night. All I can say is she is one hell of a little girl because despite all of it she has held herself together. She struggled a little bit with grades last year in school but she made it through 6th grade and is now in 7th grade. So far this year she has done excellent in school, a total turn around.

She joined Girl Scouts in the Fall of 2010 and she has totally excelled at everything she has done. This past August she became Red Cross certified in First Aid, CPR and Babysitting. She has gone camping and worked with horses as well.

And of course now that we are 12, with hormones flying left and right, we have discovered boys. We are in the midst of a major crush right now. Luckily she knows she is not allowed to date until she is 16, which is subject to change to 35 at anytime!

Me ~ Just A Mom

Well as you can tell from above I have been busy! I am still working part-time and I still love my job. My bosses are very flexible with my schedule and I have arranged it so I get off of work when my youngest gets out of school. They really don’t care what hours we work as long as our work gets done.

I have also taken on the pleasure of becoming a Girl Scout Leader. It started out as me volunteering to be the Troop Treasurer and somehow it ended up with me being a Leader. I am lucky that there are 3 of us and we work well together. I have had the pleasure of camping twice so far and I am looking forward to doing more of that. It has been great spending time with my youngest daughter and getting to know the other awesome young girls who are in my troop.

That is pretty much my wrap up for the past year. Hopefully this year will go a little bit smoother for me and I will be up to blogging more!


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  1. You have NO idea how much I’ve missed you and how wonderful I felt when I saw you at Us Girls last night. I’m so glad you’re coming back.

    I had no idea all of this was going on in your life. I guess I knew everything except the trouble with Daughter #1. You know, it happens. We had our fair share of heartache with our oldest too. I do know the “relief” you feel now that she’s out of the house but also the worry you have in your heart. That worry never goes away. I still worry about my boys and girls on a daily basis but somehow it’s a little easier when they’re on their own.

    I think scouting is the best thing ever. You should talk to Laura. She’s big time into it too. I’m so glad you’re a leader. Daughter #2 needs this “time out” with you. It’s too bad husband #jerk can’t get his stuff together. This is such a heavy weight for the 2 of you and I’m just happy you have that scouting “out.”

    Welcome back JAM. How’s your weight stuff going?

  2. Joy it’s good to be back. I have missed blogging. I am on FB all the time but this is MY place. I can say exactly what I want to here. I like having my little bit of anonymity that I have here.
    I am still yo-yoing on my weight. I am back up to about 175 which I can’t stand! I have started up riding my bike again. I have been trying to ease back into it so I don’t kill my knees. I am up to 30 minutes a day 3 days a week. I am going to add a day each week until I am up to 5 days a week. Now I need to get back to eating healthier. You have done awesome Joy!

    • Thanks. We start another 12 challenge tomorrow. We’ve had the last two weeks off. It’s been really nice. But I want to drop another 25 pounds and this is a good way to do it. When you have to step on a scale once a week with your friends and neighbors, it makes you accountable.

  3. Oh, yeah, so happy to see that you are back. I’m going to add you back to my blog roll again!

    I’m sorry to hear about your oldest daughter. I am having some difficulties with my own daughter, so this makes me feel extra bad for you and her. Glad the youngest is doing good.

    • Thanks. Sorry you are having problems with your daughter too. It stinks but, just like our mothers, we will get through it.


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