We Have A Date And An Eraser

My oldest daughter has informed me that her and her fiance have set a wedding date. It looks like they will be getting married in October of 2012. She got slightly pissed when I told her I would pencil in the date.

I would love to be more excited for her but I really don’t think they will make it till next October. Actually, I take that back. She will probably make it and get married just to spite me!

She met this boy in May and they got engaged in June. She moved in with him about a month ago. Just last week she asked to come spend a few days at my house after they got into a little spat. This was just two days after making her wedding date announcement. 

I will pencil her date in on the calendar and keep my eraser handy!

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  1. I think you’re right in playing it “cool” with her and letting her know you love her and she always has a place with you but I do believe you’re right. It would be a miracle if they made it to a wedding a year from now if this is already going on. She’ll tire of it. Hopefully.

  2. erm… congrats?

  3. I like that you are keeping it real for her. And like S. Le said, “erm … congrats?”


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