I Am A Bad Influence

Last Saturday I took my youngest daughter and 2 of her school friends to go see Maroon 5 and Train in concert. My oldest daughter and her “Fiance” met us there. The place where the concert was at is an outside amphitheater and they have what they call Lawn Seats. They are a little cheaper tickets and you can bring a blanket and sit on. The “Lawn People” always have a great time. We get up and dance, we sing and we talk to our “Lawn Neighbors.”

We had two concert virgins, my oldest daughter’s “Fiance” and one of my youngest daughter’s friends. The other friend had never seen a concert at this venue. Boy, were they in for an interesting night!

The minute the opening act, Matt Nathanson, started playing we were up on our feet. We sang and we danced for 4 straight hours it was awesome. Sitting to my right was a group of young guys, probably in their 20’s, and they were drinking non-stop. The guy who was next to me kept swinging his hand into mine and a couple of times he grabbed my butt! Then he told his buddy, “See this lady knows how to have a good time!” See, beer does make everything look better!

Towards the end of the concert I saw the kid next to me light up a joint. The girls all turned towards me when they smelled it. I told them straight up what it was and my oldest daughter was laughing her butt off. Then I told them give me 5 minutes and I’d show them what happens to me when I am around pot. Five minutes flat I started itching and breaking out in hives! I am allergic to pot! The kids loved that one!

I am sure the girls went home and told their parents all sorts of great things they learned from me!

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  1. LOLOLOL!!!! I’ve never known anyone allergic to pot. How long do those symptoms last? I think I may have moved.

    I love you got your ass grabbed!!! This made my day 🙂

    • Glad this made your day!
      My brother used to hate the fact I was allergic to the stuff, my mom loved it! The Pot Hives usually last until I get some Benadryl in me and seeing I had to drive home an hour away after the concert I had to wait until I got home to take some!


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