I love Halloween! When I was a kid I would plan for months on what my costume was going to be. I think I only had one store-bought costume, Humpty Dumpty, when I was 4 years old. The rest my mom either sewed or I put it together. To me that was where most of the fun of Halloween was, in conjuring up my costume. One year my friend and I went as Siamese Twin Clown. She was the Good Clown and I was the Evil Clown. Another year I went as a Hobo with a homemade hobo stick bag and my acoustic guitar slung on my back with a  piece of twine string.

I no longer dress up for Halloween. Instead I dress my house up!

This is my house from last year’s Halloween. The Skeleton Head is motion activated and it lights up and talks. It really freaks the little kids out!

Every year we try to add something new and the older kids come by to check us out. This year I want to add plastic baby doll body parts hanging from the tree. Covered in some blood of course! My youngest daughter is not too keen on this idea. She mumbled something about little kids being really scared and having to go home to their toy dolls. She is such a party pooper sometimes!

I took my youngest Halloween window shopping last weekend and we found some pretty awesome things. I did not buy anything but I was really tempted! My favorite was a spider that was just sitting there and when you walked by it jumped up at you! I sat there and watched 5 kids get scared to death before my youngest made me walk away.

Here are some of my favorites that I found in the Halloween store:

My favorite is the Zombie Baby Clown. He is just awesome! That and my oldest really hates clowns!

Hopefully we will be able to decorate this weekend. I can’t wait!

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  1. I really love Halloween too. I don’t do my yard to the neat extreme you do but we could get snow and a lot of that stuff if gotten wet would get ruined. But I do have a few things hanging from my tree’s and some Halloween-y stakes around the deck. I do my inside though to the hilt. I just got done last night and I must say, it’s looking good. From now till after Christmas my house is in decoration mode. Thanksgiving falls on the heels of this and then Christmas. Now Christmas, we go to the extreme for that and will soon start putting out lights before it freezes.

    What do you hand out as treats?

  2. I normally hand out mixed chocolates. Milky way, 3 mouseketeers, snickers, etc. I only give out what me or the kids will eat if leftover.

  3. I seriously just remembered that I should decorate for Halloween, my favorite holiday. I can’t believe I forgot, so thanks for reminding me.

    You’ve got some really cool & creepy decor–love it, love the house!


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